Create a life that turns you on!

Get back on the leaderboard in business + life!

Working with visionary leaders to:

Reconnect to their passions

Demonstrate their value

Deliver above expectations

Who you are

You’re known for being bold

You’ve dared to do what others only dream of doing.

You’ve taken risks. You put yourself out there. You don’t let the naysayers stop you.

And yet, you’re feeling a little out of step. The S.M.A.R.T. goals have gotten in the way of your D.U.M.B. goals. Your vision is still solid, but the day-to-day seems to be chipping away at the passion you once had.

You still know what you want.

You still have the dream.

You still have the drive.

But the path just isn’t as clear as it once was.

You could just use some reinforcement to get your mojo back. That’s where I come in.

Does this sound like you?

You get sh*t done, but not the recognition you deserve

You not only deliver but you go above and beyond

You’re frustrated by those who have no vision or nerve

You’re more afraid of NOT taking risks than taking them


Work that inspires your life and life that inspires your work.

You’re feeling like yourself again. You’re focused, pumped up, connected to your cause, and on your path to success again.

You know deep down that you’re bringing your best self to work, and life, every day.

You’re confident… in the boardroom… in the bedroom… in all areas of life… it’s all connected!

What you want

More balance

You know first-hand the power of living in your strengths zone and do more of what you enjoy.

More business

You’re a trusted visionary leader, inspiring your team and creating a business + life that flows for you.

More Confidence

You’re clear on what you and your team bring, need, and who to partner with.

Reignite your inner gold

next steps

Steps to create a life that turns you on

Schedule a Call

Let’s discuss how we can get you and your business back in flow.

develop a plan

Get clear on what  you bring and build a team that matches your vision.

reClaim your mojo

With rebel confidence + clarity you know how to create success.

Are you ready to reignite your mojo & gold?

Reconnect to yourself. Recreate your life. Reignite your world.

Who I am

I show leaders how to reconnect to their mojo

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing someone rediscover their value and find out that their BEING TOO MUCH is EXACTLY where the gold is.

I’ve seen it too often. Watching people who care deeply about their work, people, and the possibility of the impact they could have, only to be dismissed, overlooked, or have their hands tied by bureaucracy, it’s such a waste of talent! And when they quit, with the capacity they bring, they leave a gaping hole.

I want to contribute and partner with leaders who know they have something to offer, are ready to invest in themselves, and take charge of their power. I use a heart-centered yet no-BS approach in my methods. If there’s no love, there’s no growth. And I prefer to have challenging conversations to find out what you really want.

If you’re shining, you’re my person!

I wake people up, cut the bullshit out, so that you can show up the way the world needs you, as you! You need the FREEDOM to be yourself fully! If you don’t have freedom, you rebel…

Clients who got their mojo back

I'm a confident & transformational leader

Having worked with Pia over the last couple of years I must admit, the experience has been life-changing. Focusing on my strengths and what drives me is the key to much of my success. It’s allowed me to become stronger and more confident in my leadership role. With this kind of self-awareness, I have been able to lead others in a more positive way. Each day I begin with a positive approach to problem-solving and hitting things head-on. Don’t wait any longer to seek what drives you and makes you who you are.

I am a confident and transformational leader, who loves to embrace my strengths.

Thank you, Pia!

—Mark A. Neri, President

Significance® | Activator® | Futuristic® | Self-Assurance® | Positivity® – Star

"I have more confidence"

I learned a lot about how I should conduct my business to live out a fulfilling career and life. These sessions go beyond work and expand into your everyday life. If you want to learn more about yourself and have more confidence in everything you do, you should work with Pia.

—Andrew, Sales Manager

Harmony® | Achiever® | Includer® | Learner® | Responsibility® – Trader

"This coaching experience changed my life"

It’s a life-changing event to be the best you. It’s the strengths that move your life forward and make you who you are in every aspect of life. Be open and ready for it so that you can optimize the training and it truly changes your life. Some of your strengths may not be what you think. Don’t waste your time, get in there when you’re ready, and then without a doubt go forward. Don’t NOT do it, it needs to be done and anyone can benefit from it.

— Bob Skundrich, Area Director of the West, DSO

Individualization® | Relator® | Strategic® | Responsibility® | Competition®

"I know my strengths & how to use them"

“Before this program, I didn’t have a useful way of recognizing my core strengths. This program gave that to me as well as the ability to use them in a more directed manner. Pia’s approach to coaching has been a great fit for the way that I enjoy learning. All of her sessions are fun and insightful.

—Greg, Sales Manager

Learner®| Strategic® | Achiever® | Activator® | Command® – Creator

Helps me get back on track

Pia provides me with clarity and perspective helping me to see possibilities I often don’t see on my own. She also helps me get back on track and move forward again when I feel stuck

—Michael, Sales Manager

Empathy® | Connectedness® | Adaptability® | Communication® | Relator® – Supporter

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