Executive Sales Leadership Strategist

You already have the talent; let’s reignite it!

My mission is to help leaders like you re-awaken your inner rock star and cut out the noise so that you can show up the way the world needs you, as you are at your full potential!

Pia Jansson, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Executive Sales Leadership Strategist, IM Coach, …

Reignite your success blueprint

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My unique career path


Hi, I’m Pia!

I’m an Executive Sales Leadership Strategist with a diverse entrepreneurial background. From a young age, I’ve been fueled by curiosity, a positive outlook, an action-oriented determination, and an adventurous spirit.

My entrepreneurial journey began when I sold seeds door-to-door as a kid (with my parents as stakeholders!). My adventurous nature led me to early-stage ventures and startups in dental and moving from Sweden to the US. With over 33 years of expertise in marketing while supporting sales for dental implant companies, I’ve earned the trust of C-suite executives, sales professionals, and peers, establishing myself as a powerhouse known for delivering effective strategies and results while helping people gain clarity on their next steps.

I know what it takes to deliver results, put clients first, and succeed in an environment of pivots and growing pains. I also understand the toll that spreading yourself too thin can have on your business and life.

I’ve worked with amazing leaders that inspire you, where you’re energized no matter how much you have on your plate, and how that impacts an organization positively.

I’ve also experienced poor leadership and toxic work environments where you get tested to the limits and ultimately leave or get laid off. That’s where my passion for leadership originated

When my life imploded, I was working my butt off to help build the company I was with, taking on more and more at work while also having health, financial, and house guest issues.

It took every area of my life to hit at the same time to take me down [temporarily], and it was in that state of mind I found myself arriving at the coaches training at Gallup in 2016. Within 24 hours, I had pivoted back into my strengths zone and out of the hole of yuck. While I was aware of my strengths several years prior, the deep dive into them helped me realize the power this work has first-hand, and it’s so much more than in the report(s).

I love connecting people to possibilities!

My life and career have been about people, business, and transformation, helping others overcome challenges and tap into their full potential. My early experiences as a nurse shaped my perspective on life and death, teaching me the importance of appreciating each day and actively participating.

Nothing brings me more joy than witnessing leaders like you recognize your value and that your uniqueness of BEING TOO MUCH is EXACTLY the key to your success. I believe “people come into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime.” Every aspect of your life influences your experience and what you think you can achieve—it’s all connected. 

Join me on an exciting adventure as we uncover your power, abilities, and freedom. Together, we’ll create a roadmap to success, discussing both business and life topics. No subject is off-limits as we tap into your capacities and connect with your inner gold.

Let’s cut the BS and talk possibilities.

“For most of her tenure in our former company, Pia supported all aspects of the business: sales, marketing, meetings, events, congresses, CE renewal certification, speaker relations, sales meetings, design, etc. I mention the many tasks to share her capabilities and, more importantly, to say that Pia was a powerhouse to the company.”
—Mark A Neri, President


In addition to my work + life experiences, I bring the following current certifications:


  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach + BP10™ Trained (Builder Profile)
  • Certified in Transformational Hypnosis and Advanced Transformational Hypnosis
  • Sales Professional with Christopher Howard Training
  • Certified as Instant Miracle Coach + Peace Process Master + Ultra High-Frequency Healing Master with Christian Mickelsen, Future Force, Inc.
  • Co-authored 3 books: Turning Talents Into Strengths, The Energy of Play, and The Power of Releasing Judgment

A Unique Coaching Approach:

  • Possibility-focused empowerment: You don’t need MORE … you need the ease of unlocking the talents you already have!
  • Transformative experience: You’ll see yourself and others from a new perspective and get the power of tapping into your and others’ talents and strengths on this non-linear journey.
  • Playful depth: Explore profound topics with lightheartedness, making the process fun. You’ll learn how your talents and strengths play out in your business and life and how to utilize them fully to achieve your targets.
  • Strategic adaptability: Create a personalized roadmap blending strategy and flexibility to achieve success in ways that comes easily and inspires you.
  • Heart-centered authenticity: Be yourself, express freely, and embrace a fun and positive coaching environment.

“Fun” Facts:

  • Picture this: I flew into LA right after the earth-shaking Northridge earthquake in January 1994, embarking on an adventure in the city of dreams.
  • Armed with my trusty camera since age 6, I capture the world through a lens, freezing memories and creating visual masterpieces.
  • Boundaries are for breaking! I thrive on pushing limits, embracing the unconventional, and diving headfirst into uncharted territories.
  • From Sweden’s snowy and rainy landscapes to the sunny shores of California, I find solace and inspiration in the great outdoors, particularly by the marina and the beach.
  • Meet Rocco, my adventurous Havanese partner-in-crime! Together, we explore new places, sniff out excitement, and chase squirrels, bringing endless joy and laughter wherever we go.

My Unique Dominant CliftonStrengths® Profile

My unique dominant CliftonStrengths® profile: Strategic®, Positivity®, Maximizer®, Futuristic®, Activator®, Self-Assurance®, Adaptability®, Relator®, Responsibility®, Ideation®, Arranger®, and Empathy®.

My Strengths DNA:



In addition to my Strengths DNA, “how” I fascinate is by being The Catalyst (How to Fascinate), and my flow theme is The Star (GeniusU). Together they form my personal brand of being a Catalyst for Possibilities.

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