In just five days, identify what lights you up and drains you, discover your ‘in the zone’ activities, and focus on what energizes you.

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Gain clarity on your strengths

Reflect on and identify your unique talents and how they influence your leadership style.

Identify Energizing Activities

Learn to recognize activities that energize and engage you versus those that drain you.

Prioritize Daily Actions

Identify and prioritize daily activities that align with your strengths and leadership goals.

About Pia Jansson: Business Success Catalyst

Leveraging over 35 years in entrepreneurial sectors, I’ve seen the transformative power of focusing on talent—from hiring to promotion. Investing in those with a passion to become great leaders is vital. Growth stems from curiosity; this guide serves as your launchpad. Explore, ask questions, and ignite your leadership journey with tools to build a flourishing business and personal legacy.

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