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WEEK 1 – Opening act: foundations of leadership
Reigniting your inner rock star leader

Soundcheck - CliftonStrengths® Assessment

I’m thrilled to have you onboard for Rock & Radiate: Reignite Your Inner Rock Star Leader! And what better way to start this adventure than with the CliftonStrengths assessment?

It's your moment to shine, so take your time and bask in this experience.

After you get your results, you'll want to explore the report with a fine-tooth comb, savoring every word and phrase that ignites your inner fire.

These nuggets of inspiration will be your secret weapon for the upcoming sessions! But why stop there?

Let's take it up a notch and tune into your dominant, supporting, and lesser talent zones. Set the stage with individualized goals.

Get ready to unleash your full potential!



1. Complete the CliftonStrengths assessment and read the report.

2. Determine your dominant, supporting, and lesser talents

3. Highlight words and phrases that strongly resonate with you.

Day 1 - Leadership Encore: Where You Stand Now

Welcome to Day 1 of your epic leadership journey! Today, you're starting to lay the foundation for a transformational ride that'll take you to new heights.

Get ready to discover what it takes to be a star leader in today's world. Plus, unlock the full potential of your CliftonStrengths superpowers and use them to guide you on your path to greatness.

Think of it as building a skyscraper; we need a rock-solid foundation to reach the stars. So, get ready for a journey that will change your life!

Rock & Radiate that positive energy!


Journey Through The Forest (10:03m)


1. Take a moment to ponder the significance of leadership in today's world

2. Review your CliftonStrengths report and unlock some aha’s

3. Set your sights on a leadership makeover that spotlights your unique talents!

Welcome to Day 2 - Center Stage: Tapping into Your Core!

Today, we'll explore the power of tapping into your inner core, which means staying focused and being present. When you're centered, decision-making becomes a breeze, challenges are handled with ease, and your values and vision stay aligned.

Get ready to unleash your full leadership potential and lead with authenticity and purpose!

But wait, there's more! We're also diving into the exciting world of leadership trends.

Keep up with the times and learn how to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of leadership. Let's go!


Your Leadership Presence (12:23m)


1. Get the lowdown on the latest leadership trends.

2. Discover how to flex your leadership muscles to tackle new hurdles like a pro.

3. Chime in with your thoughts on our community forum.

Day 3 - Clearing Your Roadmap to Stardom: Charting Your Leadership Path!

Let's sweep all the doubts, biases, and worn-out experiences aside to reveal the shining star that is your leadership style.

By blasting away mental and emotional clutter, you'll make way for growth and introspection and become the truest version of yourself.

So, let's dive in and chart your unique leadership path in today's digital age. With your CliftonStrengths as your trusty sidekick, you'll glide like a boss and steer your way to success!


Mastering Leadership Flow (6:32m)


1. Unveil the magical match between your CliftonStrengths and your unique leadership style.

2. Create your very own roadmap to becoming an outstanding leader with a tailor-made development plan.

3. Bounce your ideas off someone you trust and admire - a peer or mentor with whom you share a special bond. Get ready to soak in their feedback!

Day 4 - Tech Backstage

Today, we’ll talk about preserving your leadership mojo and embracing AI.

Being a leader has its ups and downs. But don't let the setbacks drain your energy, values, and vision. Whether you feel like you need protection or not varies, but silencing the noise around you takes skills.

Set your boundaries and treat yourself with some TLC so your leadership shines bright like a diamond.

And hey! As AI takes over the world, the big question is: Will you embrace it with a bear hug or not? To answer that, you need to stay informed and keep an open mind.

Get ready to dive deep and paddle through the AI tidal wave.


Leadership in The AI Era (12:23m)


1. Reflect on moments when you've adapted successfully as a leader.

2. Locate your Futuristic® and Adaptability® skills on the report, and if they're not shining bright, could that be shaping your perspective on AI, or what talents do you lean on for that?

3. Pop over to our Facebook group and spill your secrets on how to be the ultimate adaptable leader!

Day 5 - Reflection Jam

The Ultimate Leadership Mashup: Combining Your Vibe with AI

Let's hit pause and take a moment to appreciate your leadership journey! You've come a long way, and it's time to reflect on all the remarkable strides you've made this week and celebrate!

Integration is like the perfect jam session of your talents, experiences, and insights. So, let's reminisce on this week's epic teachings and see how each piece of the puzzle—the CliftonStrengths assessment, center stage, roadmap to stardom, and tech backstage—blends together to create the leader that you are today.

Now, if you're feeling adventurous, start exploring ChatGPT and its possibilities in evolving your rock-star leadership vibe.



1. Take a moment to ponder your journey in understanding your leadership vibe.

2. Plot out crystal-clear goals for your personal progress and growth.

3. It's time to play! Let's uncover how to rock the ChatGPT stage using all the content you created this week!

Prepare to share your reflections in our upcoming live Q&A session @ 11 AM PST/2 PM EST today!


WEEK 2 – Solo Performance: All about your self
Solo Performance: All About Your Self

Day 1 – Spotlight Moments: Self-Awareness & Feedback

Today is all about spotlight moments, aka self-awareness. We’ll unlock the secrets of being an extraordinary leader. Let's talk about power. It's not about fancy titles or corner offices but tapping into your unique strengths and using them to make a difference.

So, let's take a deep dive into understanding what makes you tick, your strengths, weaknesses, and those sneaky triggers. After all, self-awareness is the secret sauce, the first step in unleashing your best leadership potential and leading with authenticity and crystal-clear vision.



1. Let's journey to those magical moments when you felt like a superhero! What were you up to? And how can you harness that power in your leadership role?

2. Uncover an untapped strength from your CliftonStrengths® report that you haven't utilized enough in your leadership. Then, chart a course to use it with purpose this week.

3. Reach out to a colleague or team member and offer your support in a way that aligns with your strengths.

Day 2 – Self-Expression: Vocal Mastery: The Art of Clear Communication

Every leader has a unique voice and vision. Learn the art of expressing your ideas, values, and goals in a way that resonates with your team and stakeholders.

Clarity is a hallmark of effective leadership, which can be easier said than done. Today, we're diving into how you can clearly communicate your vision and ideas.

One key element to clear communication is understanding your audience. Different people have different communication styles and preferences, and tailoring your message to suit their needs can make all the difference in whether or not your vision is understood and embraced.

Another important aspect is using storytelling to paint a picture of your vision. People are naturally drawn to stories and can better understand complex ideas when they are presented in narrative form.

Let’s dive in!


Crystal Clarity (5:58m)


1. Hone your skill of simplifying complex ideas or projects by comparing them to something relatable. It's like using a metaphorical map to guide someone through unfamiliar terrain.

2. Seek out some friendly advice on how to finesse your communication skills. What tweaks can you make to guarantee your message always shines through crystal clear?

3. Recall a recent communication snafu and explore how crystal-clear messaging could have avoided it. How can your unique talents help bridge the gap next time?

Day 3 – Self-Care: The Rhythm of Trust & Team Dynamics

Let's talk about self-care and how you need to keep your mental, emotional, and physical health in tip-top shape to lead with gusto and resilience. Trust is the glue that builds strong teams. Today, you'll explore trust-building strategies for you and your team to keep the leadership train chugging along. Keep your All34 report handy for insights on how your dominant talents can help you.

Start with leading by taking care of yourself first so that you can model healthy habits for your team to follow. From setting boundaries, taking breaks when needed, and prioritizing your well-being. When your team sees that you prioritize self-care, they'll be more likely to follow suit and take care of themselves.

Another essential strategy is to communicate openly and honestly with your team. Being transparent about your thought processes and decision-making and admitting when you're wrong. When your team knows you're willing to admit your mistakes and work towards solutions, they'll be more likely to trust you and follow your lead.


Trust Your Leadership Gold (5:53m)


1. Reflect on a trusted leader and identify their admirable traits and actions that made them reliable. Consider how you can apply these qualities to your own leadership role using your unique talents.

2. It's time to build trust within your team! Get those creative juices flowing with fun activities, open and honest chats, or crystal-clear goal setting.

3. Identify trust issues within your team, develop a plan to address them, and discuss solutions with team members to improve trust.

Day 4 – Self-Love: Love Ballad: Honoring Your Leadership Journey

Let's take a moment to honor your amazing leadership journey! You've achieved so much, grown, and learned a ton. It's high time you show yourself with self-love and recognize just how valuable you are as a leader. 

We all know empathy is a secret weapon in the leadership world. Even if it's not your go-to skill, just listening without judgment can elevate your leadership game big time! So, let's dive into the world of empathy and see how it can transform your relationships and make you a rockstar leader! 

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. This requires you to imagine how you would feel and react if you were in their situation. By doing so, you can gain a better understanding of their emotions and respond in a more thoughtful and compassionate way.


Empathy: Your Secret Power (12:18m)


1. Today's mission: Fine-tune your listening skills! Hear someone out with zero interruptions or criticism, just pure undivided attention.

2. Show colleagues you care by checking in with them regularly, allowing them to express their emotions and use their strengths, such as empathy, to connect with others. Spread positivity and kindness.

3. Think back to a sticky situation where a little empathy could've worked wonders. How will you tackle similar snafus with a compassionate twist in the future?

Day 5 – Self-Trust

Trust Jam: Reflecting on Self & Connections

Crank up the volume on self-reflection as we wrap up Week 2.

Have you rocked out meaningful connections with others and, most importantly, with yourself? Dive into your talent lineup and find those clues.

Connections are your leadership's electric guitar strings. And hey, when the stage gets tough, trust your rock star instincts. Let's amp up that self-trust and lead with fiery passion!

Reflect on the rockin' relationships that energize your soul. What makes these connections hit the right note for you?

Your relationship with yourself sets the stage. Are you tuning into your well-being, setting boundaries, and prioritizing your needs? To be a top-charting leader, you've got to lead yourself first.

So, as you jam on these reflections, trust your inner rock star. You've got the chords to face any challenge. Breathe deep, trust the rhythm, and lead with a bang! 🎸🔥🎤


1. Write a heartfelt message to someone who has significantly impacted your leadership journey, expressing how much their guidance and support have meant to you.

2. Reflect on the meaningful relationships you've formed this week and how they have helped you unlock your leadership potential and understand the essence of being a leader.

3. Boost your career and set your sights on a powerful intention: Strengthen a key connection in your professional web. Take the plunge and schedule a chat or in-person pow-wow.

WEEK 3 – Band Dynamics: Building Relationships
Band Dynamics: Building Relationships

Day 1 – Strengths Ignition: Lighting Up Your Unique Talents

Get ready to unleash your inner rock star!

Today's mission: Discovering the hidden powers within your team.

You know that every team is like a jigsaw puzzle, with each piece bringing a different talent to the table. So, let's explore how your unique strengths can add a splash of color to this vibrant masterpiece.

But wait, there's more! I touched on clear communication last week, and this week, you’ll look at how to build bridges that connect your team's talents. With open dialogue, understanding, trust, and collaboration, you'll be able to bridge gaps and align visions within your team and partnerships.

Let's get started!


Strengths Ignition (10:21m)


1. Take a moment to ponder how your superpowers can team up with your fellow superheroes and rock stars. Spot the spots where your strengths unite and areas where they zig while others zag.

2. High-five a colleague with superpowers different from yours and hatch a plan to make your teamwork even more epic!

3. It's time to toot your horn and spill the beans on your ultimate secret sauce that fuels your team to success!

Day 2 – Setting Boundaries: The Rock Star Way

Strum to the rhythm of respect and rock-solid boundaries!

Lay down the tracks of your leadership limits and watch your team jam in harmony.

Channel your inner tech guitar hero and shred through the digital era with flair!

Amplify your talents and rock out to the beat of digital transformations, backed by real-world riffs and rockumentaries.

In the ever-evolving concert of business, leaders who stay tuned to the latest tech hits are always the headliners.

Crank up the volume and let's rock this! 🎸🔥🎤


Maximize Your Top Talents (8:18m)


1. It's high time to unveil your superstar trait! Take a peek at your CliftonStrengths report and dive into your dominant talent zone.

2. Explore how top leaders with comparable strengths have spurred the digital revolution in their teams.

3. Plot a roadmap to leverage your incredible skills and put them to work in a targeted digital transformation plan.

Day 3 – Trust Grooves: Rockin' Leadership in Hybrid Rhythms

Step onto the stage of leadership and feel the electric vibes of trust, the ultimate rock anthem for every team. 🎸

Dive into the mosh pit of team dynamics and discover how trust can either amplify the performance or mute the harmony. Get ready to jam with strategies that'll help you rock your leadership role, whether you're headlining in the office or doing a solo from a remote island. It's time to crank up the volume and let your leadership spirit soar!

Trust isn't just a ballad; it's the pulsating beat that gets every team member headbanging in unison. So, grab your mic, strike a chord, and explore how trust orchestrates a chart-topping performance, fosters fan-like loyalty, and sets the stage for legendary leadership. 🤘


Hybrid Strengths Dynamics (11:08m)


1. Jam Session: Share tales of your hybrid work tours. What riffs and roadblocks did you face, and how can your rockstar skills shred through them?

2.  Scout the Band: Identify the hybrid work maestro in your crew. Swipe their backstage passes and get their rock-solid tips!

3.Craft Your Anthem: Pen a chart-topping strategy to amplify your strengths and master the art of directing hybrid ensembles. BONUS: Curate a playlist that resonates with and energizes your dominant talents. Rock on! 🎸🤘

Day 4 – Diversity Jam: Embracing Unique Beats

Rock on, leaders! 🎸 Just as every rock band thrives on the unique sounds of each instrument, leadership is about embracing the distinct rhythms that make us stand out as individuals. Dive into the rock 'n roll leadership world where respect meets inclusivity, creating a stage where everyone's voice is heard and celebrated.

But wait, there's a backstage pass! We'll also jam out on how to amplify your CliftonStrengths, setting the stage for a remote team that's in sync and ready to rock the charts.

Strap in, and let's embark on this Talent Mastery tour! 🎤🔥🎶


Universe of Talent Mastery (8:59m)


1. Take a closer look at your CliftonStrengths report and pick out the juiciest nugget that speaks to your most dominant talent.

2. Craft a daily ritual or habit that lets you implement this leadership insight.

3. Fire off a quick message to that remote team member and ask them how your leadership style affects their work experience. Offer an option to chat or email feedback.

Day 5 – Rock Your Superpowers

Amplifying Growth and Collaboration through Strengths, Love, and Empathy 🎸

In the digital arena, the key to cranking up your team's potential is tuning into each member's distinct strengths and harmonizing them to strike the right chord of creativity and collaboration.

Today, we're diving into the backstage secrets of how to be the ultimate frontman (or frontwoman) in amplifying your team's prowess!

True leadership isn't about playing the boss tune. It's about setting the stage for trust, respect, and admiration.

Discover how leading with a heart full of love, compassion, and empathy can set your team's spirit on fire and rock the charts of motivation like a legendary hit! 🎤🔥🎶



1. Share your backstage story about a virtual jam session that became legendary, all because of your signature moves and skills that hit the right notes.

2.  Air-guitar salute to your rockstar teammate! Shout out loud how their electrifying strengths turned your team gig into a chart-topping hit!

3. Tune into the rhythm and ponder on how to spark a talent encore in your virtual band collaborations. Rock on! 🤘🎤🔥

WEEK 4 – Rocking the Business Charts

Rocking the Business Charts

Day 1 – Visionary Vibes & Genius Zone Groove

Step into the spotlight of tech leadership with ChatGPT by your side. Every beat, every note, and every rhythm in the tech world has its maestro, and that's you. Your vision isn't just an idea; it's a powerful anthem that resonates, inspires, and drives innovation forward.

Within the vast realm of technology, there's a niche, a sweet spot, where your unique skills and fervent passion harmoniously converge. It could be the artistry of software development, the intricate dance of coding, or the strategic choreography of digital planning.

As you embrace ChatGPT's capabilities, consider where you truly shine. How can ChatGPT amplify your genius to set the stage for a transformative tech leadership legacy? Let's rock the tech world together with your unparalleled groove and vision!


Technological Triumph With Your Genius (7:36m)


1. Reflect on your tech talents. Where do they shine brightest? Envision how they shape your leadership legacy. Let's rock the tech world with your unique groove!

2. Spotlight one of your unique CliftonStrengths to boost your tech leadership.

3. Crank up the volume on last week's SWOT analysis! 🎸 Rally your rockstar team, jam out a game plan using everyone's strengths, and set the stage for a tech-driven hit. Let's rock this project and leave a legendary mark!

Day 2 - Passion Play: Unlocking Leadership Gems

Are you ready to jam to the rhythm of data-driven leadership?

Dive into the electric world of CliftonStrengths and let the melodies of your unique strengths harmonize with the beats of data and analytics.

First on our setlist: Crank up the volume on passion! This isn't just any fuel; the high-octane energy drives rock legends to the top of the charts.

Learn how to channel your inner rock star's zeal and zest, ensuring you and your band (team) are always in sync, rocking towards those platinum goals.


Your Leadership Gems (7:37m)


1. Take a backstage tour of your CliftonStrengths report, spotlighting any hidden tracks or standout strengths that deserve an encore.

2. Jam with Legends: Explore how iconic leaders with similar talents have orchestrated AI and data to create chart-topping decisions.

3. Compose your own hit: Craft a strategy that blends your rock star leadership vibes with a data-driven crescendo.

Day 3 – Rocking Time Management & Visionary Grooves

To be a rock star leader, you've got to hit the right notes and keep the rhythm flowing. It's not just about knowing the lyrics but feeling the beat and making every moment count.

Productivity is your backstage pass to leadership success. Leaders who can jam to the rhythm of time, setting the pace and orchestrating tasks, are the ones who light up the stage and get the crowd roaring.

But it's not just about the immediate encore; it's about setting the stage for the grand finale. Visionary thinking is your setlist, guiding each performance to resonate with the band's ultimate anthem – the organization's mission.

True leadership is like a legendary rock concert. It's about electrifying the crowd, making every song memorable, and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of many. It's about passion, flair, and the magic of letting the music take over. So, grab your guitar, step into the spotlight, and let's rock this leadership journey together!


Global Navigator (7:42m)


1. Soundcheck Reflection: Dive into the backstage of your leadership journey. Are you equipped with the right tools? Are you tapping into the talents of your team?

2. Do you have rock star talents that give you a secret edge in the productivity game? Discover how CliftonStrengths can help you hustle like a pro and crush those to-do lists.

3. Give yourself a rockin' shoutout for the stages you're owning! Spot the areas needing a bit more tune-up, and scribble down your headline acts for the next gig. Ready to rock the mic? Fill in the blank, and let's jam!

Day 4 – Profit Jam: Beyond Money, Dive into Rock Star Leadership

Dive deeper into the benefits of being a badass leader beyond just the cash rewards. Think personal growth, epic team wins, and the thrill of making a positive impact.

Being a badass leader is not just about the money you make; it's about the personal growth you experience as you lead your team toward success. The sense of satisfaction you feel when your team achieves epic wins is priceless.

As a leader, you have the power to positively impact the lives of those you lead, which is a reward in itself. So, don't just focus on the financial rewards; dive deeper into the intangible benefits of being a rock star leader.


Cultural Harmony (7:17m)


1. Cash in on your strengths: Discover which of your talents, skills, expertise, and experience can help you nail financial success

2. How much time do you allocate to your leadership development each year apart from this program? Have you ever worked with a coach and seen the value?

3. Now that you've had a chance to dig into your dominant CliftonStrengths, reflect on who you are as a unique individual. Can you see the incredible value that comes with simply being your one-of-a-kind self?

Day 5 - Afterparty

Recharge, Play & LOL Moments

Being a leader can be a serious business, but don't forget the importance of having a blast, too! Blend some playful vibes into your leadership style and enjoy the ride.

Let's dive in and explore the value of keeping your joy levels high while being the boss.

So, how do you recharge your fun batteries? Do you indulge in goofy games with your buds or sweat it out on the field?

Whatever your idea of playtime, keep it in the mix, so your inner mischief-maker stays fueled and ready to rock the leadership world!



1. Get your groove on today with a playful activity that also unleashes your top talents!

2. Jot down a personal inventory of activities that tickle your playful fancy

3. Pop open your calendar and pencil in a daily dose of giggles to keep your spirits soaring!

WEEK 5 – Spiritual Vibes in Leadership
Spiritual Vibes in Leadership

Day 1 – Cosmic Connection: Rocking the Spiritual Rhythms in Leadership 

Tuning into your spiritual frequency isn't just for personal reflection—it's a rock-solid strategy to amplify your leadership vibes. When you strum the chords of compassion, empathy, and understanding, you create a harmonious environment that resonates with every member of your band, aka your team.

Remember, every rock star respects their audience. In the same way, respecting everyone's beliefs and practices sets the stage for a concert where everyone feels like a VIP.

Stay true to your spiritual lyrics, but always be ready to jam to new tunes. Being open-minded is like having a diverse playlist—it keeps the show interesting and the audience engaged.


Your Growth Journey (7:37m)


1. Does your spiritual groove, whether faith-driven or science-backed, influence your leadership rhythm?

2.  Dive into your CliftonStrengths report like a backstage pass. Can you spot any revelations linked to your spiritual vibes?

3. What's your jam when it comes to spiritual connections, and how has it orchestrated your leadership journey?

Day 2 – Rockin' Intuition & Power Chords of Influence

Feel the beat, trust the rhythm, and let your inner rock star guide you to the top of the charts! Leadership isn't just about strategy; it's about feeling the groove and knowing when to take the stage.

Your intuition? That's your backstage pass to leadership success. Whether you're born with the charisma of a frontman/woman or you've honed your skills playing backup, it's time to embrace your unique style.

Think of AI as the electric guitar in the world of acoustic instruments. It's revolutionary, powerful, and can amplify your leadership tunes like never before. Don't just strum along; connect and let AI elevate your leadership concert.


AI Visionary Synergy (8:26m)


1. Jam to the rhythm of your intuition. Every interaction, every decision, feel the vibe. Are you in sync with your inner rock legend? What's your signature move?

2. AI: Not just a tech buzzword, but your backstage tech crew. Ready to set the stage for your leadership gig? How can AI be your soundcheck for success?

3. Setlist review: Reflect on your hit singles and unsung B-sides. Your talents are your tracks. Dive deep into your album, and you might find a platinum hit waiting to be discovered!

Day 3 - Visionary Vibes: Supercharging Leadership Mojo with a Rock 'n Roll Twist

Ready to take center stage and rock the leadership charts?

Strap in and amplify your leadership vibes as you channel your inner rock star and visionary. With the electric energy of manifestation and the rhythm of intent, you're set to top the charts of leadership success.

You've been jamming with CliftonStrengths, tuning into your unique strengths and harmonizing them with your leadership style. It's been a wild ride, and you've hit some high notes along the way.

Revisit the setlist from week 1, and witness the evolution of your vision and strategy. Feel the beat, see the transformation, and embrace the rock star leader within.


Legacy Architect (7:08m)


1. Encore from week 1! Revisit our roadmap, and give it a rock 'n roll makeover. You've got a fresh canvas of two blank pages, ready for your next chart-topping ideas.

2.  Dive deep into the soulful ballads of leadership. Reflect on the legacy you aim to leave behind and sync it with the strengths from your CliftonStrengths report.

3. Jot down your leadership tour highlights, the encore-worthy aha moments, and the wisdom you've gathered on this tour. Shine the spotlight on your growth, the solos you've mastered, and the crowd-pleasing moments of self-discovery.

Day 4: Joyful Tunes: Prepping for a Future-Ready Leadership

Strap on your electric guitar and get ready to rock the leadership stage!

Leadership is like a rock concert, filled with electrifying moments and unexpected solos. Embrace the rhythm of every challenge and celebrate each triumph as if it's your encore.

As you jam to the beats of today, let's also tune into the melodies of 2034. Imagine leading with a blend of classic wisdom and futuristic innovation, creating harmonies that resonate for years to come.


Future Ready Visionary (8:18m)


1. Dive deep into your visualization and envision your grand stage in 2034. Who's the rock star leader you see in the spotlight? What's the anthem you're playing?

2.  Recognize your unique sound – the blend of skills, strengths, and experiences that make you the legendary leader of tomorrow.

3. Share a snippet of your 2034 hit single in the FB group or with a friend. Let your passion and vision set the stage on fire, inspiring others to join the gig!

Day 5: Gratitude Encore: Celebrating Growth & Leadership Impact

Strumming the chords of reflection, let's rock out to the rhythm of gratitude and leadership. As the final note of this journey resonates, dive deep into the lyrics of your experiences, the highs and lows, the solos and the harmonies. Gratitude isn't just a ballad; it's the rock anthem of transformative leaders.

What riffs of thankfulness are playing in your heart? Did you discover any hidden tracks about yourself during this tour? How has this program amped up your leadership vibe? What are the chart-topping moments from the course, and how did your CliftonStrengths set the stage for your leadership encore?

Today, let's toast with a backstage pass to the legacy you're crafting. Celebrate the unique sound you bring to the world stage just by being your authentic rock star self!



1. Share your backstage stories from this leadership tour. What were the headliner moments and game-changing encores?

2.  Craft your next chart-topping hit by tuning into how your strengths amplify your leadership groove. Spotlight your aspirations and set the stage for a future filled with platinum successes.

3. Celebrate! Rock on with your reflections, and let's jam to the future hits waiting to be written!


Leading With Strengths

Interviews with well-known leaders using strengths in their organizations. Some of the leaders that were interviewed: Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, Justin M. Bibb, Paul Allen, Tim Shriver, Robert Golob, Reggie Van Lee, Vint Cerf, Kevin Lobo, Shauna Olney, Robin Renee, ...

How full is your bucket by Tom Rath, Donald O Clifton et al.

Listen to Jaclynn Robinson talk about team-building activities HERE.

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