CliftonStrengths®: Activator® – Do you thrive on getting things started?

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You love to take off

Are you the one taking off in full speed once the light turns green? Or when someone asks you to do it, you’re already in action the next second? When an Activator® is allowed to take action fast they thrive. Getting projects started, is our strength. Like the ignition in a racecar or the launch of a rocket, the energy we bring is all about kicking things off.

Please don’t ask us to wait and wait and wait, it’ll literally stress us out. We need to be in action, give us something to act on in the interim. When we’re not, we can occur as a caged animal or literally jump up and down asking you to make up your mind so that we can take off/leave/go.

You have a lot of energy

For me, my CliftonStrengths® talent of Activator® is #5. I’ve always been a high energy person, and even I occur as slow when I’m around someone who has it as their #1. Through them, I get to experience what many experiences with me, the difference may be that I laugh-out-loud in these situations.

While we’re high energy, we’re best utilized and energized when we kick-off a project. To me, being part of startups or re-organizing business areas energizes me. Being in a role where I can take action is important to me. I also need to change ongoingly. Routine maintenance long-term is not our best gig.

You take action

When I was younger I used to leap off the cliff and then figure out what action to take on my way down. It’s when I feel the most alive, still is. I still probably occur as “impulsive” in some areas to outsiders and that’s OK. I’ve learned that for me it’s important to be in action and not spend too much time thinking before acting. I learn by doing and since I’m a fast learner I will correct things before most notice any errors and I don’t tend to repeat the same mistakes.

Yes, some may see us as impatient, we are, as we see the impact of not taking action and creating the momentum needed to kick off a new project/company/idea. We don’t want to waste time. We love getting this started and done. We’re not afraid to take what others consider risks and we are often intuitive in the areas that we choose to activate.


Do you have Activator® as one of your dominant talents? What leaps make you feel fully alive? Please comment below, I’d love to know.

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