CliftonStrengths®: Command® – No fluff required

by | Jan 27, 2019 | Strengths

You’re a straight shooter, so this article is brief, and to the point, a 2-minute read max.

You’re courageous

CliftonStrengths® defines this theme as having “presence.” You can “take control of a situation and make decisions.”

In your world, it’s important, to be honest and realistic. You need things to be clear. You have no problem bringing people out of their comfort zone; in fact, you may push the envelope.

You bring decisiveness, are often direct, and have the natural ability and desire to resolve conflicts. Avoidance is not an option. In fact, you’ll confront people if you have to, even if you have to stir up emotions in the process.

You don’t mess around

If people push you, you push back. You have no problem speaking your mind, including saying the things that most people are afraid to say out loud.

You’re driven, direct, and decisive. You bring emotional clarity and will take risks that may intimidate others.  

Because you’re a straight shooter, people know where you stand even if it makes others uncomfortable.

You take charge

You’re willing to take charge, lead with ease and people follow you. While leadership is found in all of the talent themes, the theme of Command® is willing to go where others are not.

You have a protective nature and can unite people around a mission. Your charisma, natural take-charge leadership skills, and your willingness to speak up for other people will create loyalty.

This is my #15 theme, and I deeply appreciate everything this theme brings. Having presence while being a no-BS person who’s willing to speak up makes life easy for you and the people around you.


Do you have Command® as one of your dominant talents? What is your leadership style? Please comment below; I’d love to know.

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Lastly, visit Gallup’s YouTube channel for more information on the CliftonStrengths® theme of Command® HERE.

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