CliftonStrengths®: Includer® – Accepting of Others

by | Mar 17, 2019 | Strengths

CliftonStrengths® defines the Includer® talent theme as people who accept others. “They show awareness of those who feel left out and make an effort to include them.” 

You see the outsiders

You want to celebrate diversity and may become the voice for others.

You make sure to invite all in. It matters less if they say yes; what’s important to you is that they have been included.

You shine when you’re in a role where you’re tasked to communicate for others, whether it’s to increase participation or encourage engagement.

It could also be to create messages and platforms where all parties are heard.

You’re accepting of others

You have a natural desire to make everyone feel part of a group. You’re instinctively accepting of others.

You believe we are all the same, regardless of race, sex, nationality, and faith, and have a high tolerance level.

You believe that we’re all equally important.

You can make people feel important

So place yourself in roles where you can bring people together from different groups, cultures, or backgrounds.

Help people get involved, get to know one another, make introductions, and bridge any current gaps.

Step up as a spokesperson for people and help them create wider circles outside their comfort zones.

You look for the best in people

Help your friends and co-workers see what you see and why it’s important. Communicates the impact of inclusion vs. not.

Introduce conversations that help people see the similarities we all share while also sharing how we can leverage our differences in an impactful way.

Ask the people around you for their ideas and opinions.

You need to make room for everyone

With your natural ability to connect with people, you can forge a sense of belonging and team spirit that creates higher engagement.

Take on the role of ensuring that everyone is heard in a meeting, and ask them how they feel.

Your desire to bring everyone together inspires respect. As a result, you may find that you have become a trusted advisor.

It’s all about the team

And what the team can create together. Building a team where everyone matters and feels respected.

You contribute to the connection and the sense of belonging that can be created when everyone is included.

This, in turn, creates a team that takes ownership of what they do and a team where everyone is heard.


Do you have Includer® as one of your dominant talents? What groups are you part of? What do they have in common? Please comment below; I’d love to know.

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