CliftonStrengths®: Individualization® – The Customizer

by | Apr 21, 2019 | Strengths

CliftonStrengths® defines this theme as people who “are intrigued with the unique qualities of each person. They have a gift for figuring out how people who are different can work together productively.”

You observe people

You have the ability to identify ways to maximize each individual’s talents. Identifying what’s different about each person is one of your gifts as you focus on the qualities that we each bring.

You enjoy observing what motivates a person, their style, and how they build relationships, and this talent helps you create a team where people get to do what they do well.

Creating teams that work may be a challenge to many, and to you, it’s intuitive.

You customize

With you, everyone gets a one-of-a-kind experience where the focus is on what makes them special and feel honored-you focus on bringing out their strengths.

Your motivation comes from helping people be their best and using their talents fully. It lights you up to see other’s thriving.

You believe in creating customized expectations for each person so that they can excel, down to finding the “perfect” gift for the people in your life.

You see potential

You need the flexibility to exercise an individual approach for everyone you interact with. Since you have an eye for how to create teams with different personalities, you also need the freedom to be and treat everyone differently.

With this talent, you have the ability to build productive and happy teams that get to do what they do best every day.

You see the individuals on each team. You know who they are, what they’re great at and have the potential to become.

You’re intuitive

No glance goes by unnoticed. The tone of voice, words chosen or body language used will allow you to alter your message and deliver a presentation that reaches everyone in the group.

You have the ability to stay relevant and fresh as you know that every situation is different and approach it from a unique perspective.

Being part of identifying or crafting a message to a specific target, or process, to see what needs to stand out to could be something you would enjoy being part of.

You need variation

Doing the same type of work every day, routine or being expected to be more generalized in your approach is not the best use of time for you. You shine when you can customize.

How do you best recognize others?

Sidenote: I resonate with this theme in so many ways; for me, it’s a combo of other themes at work. This is definitely one of the themes I appreciate. Being a recipient of friends with this theme as a dominant talent makes you feel very special.


Do you have Individualization® as one of your dominant talents? What areas are important for you to be recognized in?

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