CliftonStrengths®: Intellection® – The deep thinker

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Strengths

CliftonStrengths® defines the Intellection® talent theme as people “characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual conversations.”

You need time to think

For you, having time to reflect and think things through is important.

This theme is often symbolized with a brain as you’re a deep thinker and will take your time to think things over before taking action.

You need intellectual stimulation and conversations. Identifying peers with whom you can have frequent intelligent conversations is important for you to flourish.

You need alone time

Thinking independently is also important, and undisturbed time is crucial daily.

You may also find that writing down your thoughts can stimulate further insights and clarity of your thoughts.

Introspection allows you to refine your thoughts and ideas and be more productive.

You crave mental activity

Your focus areas will vary and be influenced by your other talent themes; you simply like to think and reflect.

To you, thinking is doing.

You bring a depth of understanding and wisdom and dislike thoughtless approaches.

Theoretical inquiries excite you

Being able to problem-solve through theoretical inquiries and discussions will excite you.

You need to go into deep inquiry and be challenged intellectually, maybe even have your thinking challenged by others you respect.

With your natural knack for introspection, you’ll be able to help others stretch and discover new ways to solve problems.

You bring a different perspective

This perspective can help others enhance the quality of their work. For example, adding facts and substance to existing content.

Being part of a think-tank or mastermind could be very stimulating for you. Musing by writing blogs or articles could also provide an outlet for your inquisitive mind.

Your capacity to think, anticipate, analytical process, and understand the problem at hand are unique to you.

You bring credibility and respect

With your ability to think deeply, you can uncover complex layers of a problem that others may not have considered.

Engaging others in intellectual thoughts and discussions can open up others to new perspectives and solutions.

Being willing to examine and explore a variety of questions together with your peers, teams, and colleagues can bring depth to your relationships that make you feel valued.

You desire to do things well

You may have a specific thought process or system that helps you think things through.

What are your areas of specialty, and how do you share these pearls?


Do you have Intellection® as one of your dominant talents? What are your best ways of thinking and processing that information? Please comment below; I’d love to know.

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