CliftonStrengths®: Self-Assurance® – The built-in compass

by | Nov 11, 2018 | Strengths

Following your instincts

Do you follow and trust your inner guidance, gut, and instincts?

I remember how I, as a kid, was the one in front guiding the family safely back to the hotel when traveling to new cities. I just knew where to go despite never having been there before.

There was no need for a map, and long before cell phones and the internet existed.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten lost, except that one time in South Central, and that’s another story that worked out in the end.

Nowadays, I’ve refined it and play games with myself when taking off on unfamiliar routes in the spur of the moment, just for fun, mind you. I know my theme of Adaptability® (#7) and several others influence here, too.

You just know

Self-Assurance® is my #6 theme, and for me, it occurs as another intuitive theme. I just “know” and follow my inner guidance/awareness even when I don’t know where I’m headed.

For many, this theme will show up as someone who is self-confident; it’s connected, after all, to our inner and outer reflections. We can be a calm presence in the storm, both for ourselves and others, and people are often drawn to us for that reason.

What others may consider “risky” is not for someone with Self-Assurance®. We go for it and trust our inner guidance if it’s something we believe in.

It could be a move across the country, creating or joining a startup, or simply daring to say no when others say yes because we “know” that it’s not aligned with our desired outcomes at that moment.

Because the inner compass is strong, we’re not easily persuaded when it’s an inner “no” and may choose a different path. Telling us what to do doesn’t fly very well either, and then again, I think that applies to all of us, right?

We focus on moving forward

Our focus is on making decisions/taking action, and moving forward. We anticipate risk and take the actions needed to solve or clear it. We are not afraid of going solo or creating our own path, walking to the beat of our own drum.

Gallup® defines people high in Self-Assurance® as “feel confident in their ability to take risks and manage their own lives. They have an inner compass that gives them certainty in their decisions.”

We bring the ability to lead the way and take the necessary actions. I personally have no problems asking people for help or directions if needed; others may find that more challenging.

Living life on your own terms

Where Self-Assurance® thrives, and we need to: Trust our gut and live life on our own terms. We also need the freedom to act independently.

Because we trust our gut and can take action and lead, we’re well suited for entrepreneurship, especially the startup phase. I can attest to that, as that has been my path and thriving phase.


Do you have Self-Assurance® as one of your dominant talents? Do you recognize any of this in you? How do you express it in your life? Please comment below; I’d love to know.

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Lastly, visit Gallup’s YouTube channel for more information on the CliftonStrengths® theme of Self-Assurance® HERE.

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