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What's happens in the sessions?

Basically, the focus is on exploring what you bring from a perspective of natural talents! Separating the talents that are all blurred together as it comes so naturally to you, and digging deep in a fun and ease-filled way.

We’ll be looking at how you can develop your talents into strengths if you are not already using all of your dominant talents. We’ll strategize how you can bring different talents to different situations and people in life, whether in business or life in general, and shift your focus into what’s great and unique about you, and others. You’ll look at partnerships from a different angle after this.

Once you’re clear on how your unique talents & strengths play out in life we’ll explore how to invest in your talents further to create your success path. It could be through various aspects of your business or personal life, the sky is the limit. I’ve got many tools in my toolbelt and no topics are off limits.

People tend to trust me instantly, they know that any confidential matters stay confidential, that they can be themselves fully and that I’ll have their back. I really thrive on being part of the journey of experiencing my clients step into who they really are and see how that alone shifts so many aspects of life. I’m a no-BS kind of woman, a straight shooter that will encourage you to express yourself fully.

what's the difference between the assessments you work with?

I work with a variety of assessments, some of my favorites are:


CliftonStrengths tells you how you’re talented. It identifies what you naturally do best. It provides customized results that name your unique talents. It shows you how you’re special and how to succeed by turning your talents into strengths.” – Gallup Strengths Center

The BP10™ is a talent-based assessment that identifies builder talents in students and adults. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs are born with rare talents. These business builders can turn ideas into customers. They are the primary source of new economic energy for any economy. Communities and organizations that identify and develop these builder talents will create new businesses and subsequently quality GDP and job growth. Gallup’s research proves that the best business builders use some mix of these 10 talents.” – Gallup


There are two assessments depending on whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee. With these assessments, you get clear on how you best get in the flow and the path for it. Here there’s also a system for who to partner with.


How to Fascinate – Sally Hogshead

Here you get insight into how people see you which is a great tool coupled with your natural talents and very helpful in building your personal brand.

Why would I choose you?

If you’re looking for someone who will listen, ask questions, provide you with a safe space to be and share with no judgment, offer pep talks, ideas, laughter, a more free-flowing outside-the-box entrepreneurial approach, and more, then I’m your girl.

While your sessions will be customized for you, I’ll take you through the process of how your talents/strengths play out in your life right now into what YOU desire to create. 

We’ll create a strengths-based personal brand tagline by the end of five sessions that you may find helpful to remember what YOU bring to the table as a unique & awesome individual. I’ve found it to be a really great starting point.

Your strengths in the context of CliftonStrengths® is based on positive psychology and measures HOW you approach life independent of education, experience, etc. More info can be found HERE.

I also offer my experience as a business builder, strategist, creative, energy practitioner & intuitive and more so it starts with guiding you on your strengths journey and how it plays out for you. Next, if interested, we can take it to your management team, family, friends, etc. Your choice! 🙂

What can I expect?

The more you are willing to play full out, the more you’ll get out of our sessions. You will have clarity on what makes you unique and stand out, a better understanding of yourself, and others, how you can apply your talents in your life and business, be more engaged, happy, and more.

Are you ready to step into your true power and blow the competition out of the water? Imagine having your customers say “I’ll have what you have” and line up to buy from you? Would that be fun? I thought so 🙂

what is expected of me?

To get the most out of the sessions or packages it’s recommended that you take the time to do the home play. It’s all about you so it’ll be fun, painless.

how long are the sessions?

Most people choose a 60 minute session every week or two so that they can implement their insights into their lives in between sessions. It’s a journey to embrace your strengths, create your tagline, etc. so what pace will work for you? See the “work with me page”.

do you record the sessions?

All sessions via Zoom are recorded unless you prefer them not to be. You have the option to receive an audio recording or audio + video recording. If you prefer that the session is NOT recorded we won’t. Your choice!

Can we meet in person?

Absolutely. I’m in Marina Del Rey (Los Angeles).

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