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What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching offers transformative benefits that empower you to reach new heights of personal and professional success. With my guidance, you’ll gain clarity, focus, and personalized support to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. Through expanded perspectives and enhanced self-awareness, you’ll develop new skills, boost your confidence, and make conscious choices that drive exceptional performance. As your accountability partner, I’ll keep you on track, challenge you to grow, and help you unlock your full potential. Experience the remarkable benefits of coaching and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and success.

What can you expect from the sessions?

This program is fully customized to meet your specific needs. Throughout our journey together, we’ll delve into your mindset and bridge the gap between your current reality and future aspirations. With a focus on igniting your passion and purpose, we’ll create a roadmap aligned with your unique vision, empowering you to take action and leave a lasting legacy.

As your coach, I will provide unwavering guidance, support, and a safe space for you to explore and discover your strengths, unlock your full potential, and experience transformative shifts in various aspects of your life.

Our sessions strike a balance between focused and relaxed, allowing you the freedom to express yourself openly. Together, we’ll delve into topics such as talent investment, crafting your path to success, and addressing any subject without limitations.

As a straight shooter who speaks from the heart, I thrive on being part of my client’s journey as they step into their true selves and experience shifts in multiple areas of their lives.

I’m here to have your back and support you every step of the way! Your success is my priority!

Coaching and consulting vs. therapy?

Coaching: The focus is on self-discovery, empowerment, and future-oriented growth. The coach actively engages in dialogue, listening, asking powerful questions, and facilitating meaningful conversations to help clients gain insights, explore possibilities, and achieve their goals.

Consulting: The interaction is more of a dialogue, where the consultant engages in discussions with the client to gather information, understand their needs, and provide expert recommendations or solutions based on their specialized knowledge and expertise.

Therapy often focuses on addressing emotional and psychological issues, healing from past traumas, and improving mental well-being. It explores underlying causes, patterns, and emotions, promoting healing, self-awareness, and personal growth. In therapy, the client typically takes a more active role in talking as they delve into their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

What is your investment?

I understand that investing in coaching is an important decision, and I want to make it as accessible as possible. During our initial call, we’ll discuss your needs, scope of work, session frequency, and budget. I offer a variety of packages and payment options to meet the needs of different clients.

Investing in yourself and your growth is one of the best investments you can make. Together, we can create a customized coaching plan that fits your unique targets and budget so that you can see a personal and professional return on your investment.

How long are the coaching sessions?

Most clients prefer a 60-minute session every week or two, giving them ample time to apply the insights gained during our sessions to their daily lives.

The pace and length of our coaching journey are entirely up to you, and we can discuss your preferences and pricing during our initial consultation.

Review the content on this page and if it speaks to you book a call where we can explore how we can work together to help you achieve your goals.

What results can you expect from the coaching?

When you work with me, you can expect a personalized coaching experience tailored to your needs. We’ll explore how to apply your strengths and talents in your personal and professional life, leading to increased engagement, happiness, and fulfillment. Together, we’ll strategize throughout the journey, uncovering your unique qualities and creating a roadmap for success.

As we progress, you’ll develop deep self-awareness and a greater understanding of others, enhancing your leadership skills and ability to collaborate effectively. While I can’t guarantee specific outcomes, I assure you I’ll provide all the necessary tools and support to help you succeed.

Your commitment and willingness to step outside your comfort zone will significantly affect your results. The more dedicated you are to the process, the greater the rewards. Let’s embark on this journey together if you’re ready to embrace your true power, achieve your goals, and experience transformative growth.

Why would you choose me as your coach and strategist?

I offer coaching and strategic guidance to help individuals gain more self-awareness, nurture their talents, and appreciate the talents of others. While I cannot guarantee that my clients will hit their sales targets, I can guarantee that they will leave our sessions feeling better about themselves and their abilities.

I bring over 35 years of experience in various stages of startups, with extensive knowledge in marketing and sales support. In addition, I have invested over 30 years in various business and personal growth areas, including energy, mindset, branding, coaching, and business building.

During my years as an employee, I often found myself in a role as an advisor, offering insights and being the right-hand woman to my “bosses,” in addition to my regular duties. I’ll leverage my insights from decades of experience to empower you to become the best version of yourself and unleash your full potential to create the impact you were meant to make.

My coaching sessions are customized to your specific needs, and we will dive deep into your strengths and talents, identifying how they play out in your life and how they can help you achieve your desired goals.

Using CliftonStrengths®, as one of several tools, a positive psychology-based assessment, we can pivot your mindset and company vibe, reigniting your spark and learning to value others on your team or in your life with talents you lack.

As a business builder, strategist, creative, energy practitioner, and intuitive, I offer a comprehensive and unique approach to coaching and strategic guidance. My outside-the-box thinking allows me to provide customized solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you need someone to talk to about anything, or you need an expert to listen, ask questions, provide you with a safe space to be and share with no judgment, offer pep talks, ideas, laughter, and more, I’m here to help you reach your full potential.

Assessments: Your Questions Answered

I offer a variety of assessments to help you gain insight into your unique talents and strengths. Some of my favorite assessments are:

GALLUP® CliftonStrengths: This assessment identifies your natural talents and provides customized results that name your unique talents. It shows you how to succeed by turning your talents into strengths and helps you understand your specialness.

GALLUP® BP10™: This powerful assessment is designed to identify the rare builder talents that are present in some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. By taking the assessment, you’ll discover how to leverage your unique talents to create success when building a business. Whether you’re a student or an adult, the BP10™ can help you identify your strengths and show you how to develop these talents into strengths, resulting in new businesses, higher GDP, and job growth.

GeniusU: Our platform offers two assessments, tailored to entrepreneurs and employees, respectively, that help you understand your unique path to achieving your goals. These assessments will show you how to get in the flow, identify the areas where you thrive, and provide you with a system for partnering with others to achieve success. By taking these assessments, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on how to create success and unlock your full potential.

How to Fascinate – Sally Hogshead: This assessment provides valuable insight into how others perceive you, making it a powerful tool for building your personal brand. By combining the results of this assessment with your natural talents, you can create a compelling and authentic personal brand that truly showcases what makes you unique.

5 Love Languages: This helpful tool is useful for personal relationships outside of work and can also be applied in the workplace to understand how individuals express themselves.

Each assessment provides unique insights into your talents, strengths, and abilities, helping you unlock your full potential.

Expectations for clients

Are you ready to take your personal and professional growth to the next level? You’ll get the most out of our time together by committing to completing the home play assigned between our coaching sessions or packages.

Don’t worry; these exercises, journaling prompts, and self-reflection activities are all designed to be enjoyable and painless and are customized to help you gain insights and clarity into yourself and your targets.

During our sessions, we’ll discuss your progress and insights, and work together to help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. So, come prepared to engage and share, and let’s start this journey of growth and transformation together!

Do you record the sessions?

Absolutely! All sessions conducted via Zoom can be recorded upon your request. You can choose to receive an audio recording or an audio + video recording of the session. However, if you prefer that the session not be recorded, that’s completely fine too. It’s all up to you and what makes you feel most comfortable.

My top priority is to provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore and grow.

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