How are you pivoting and pitching now?

by | May 31, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

Yes! We’re open for business!

These are the words many of us have been waiting to hear. 

I just found out that hair salons all of a sudden are reopening. Having gone five months without a haircut, that’s the kind of news I’m very happy to hear. 

Yeah, it may be a vain need, and when you look at what you’ve been missing in the past couple of months, well-being in its many forms is probably on that list.

From getting a haircut, massage, getting your nails done, going to the gym to connect and work your body, hiking, being able to go to the beach and parks, maybe even getting a tattoo? And then there’s being able to go to a restaurant and dine in! 

Whatever it may be for you, these are industries that help you feel better and, with that, improve your emotional and/or physical well-being.


What have you learned and created?

With the reset you’ve had in the past 10+ weeks, you’ve had plenty of time to strategize, do a life review, get your priorities straight and take action on what’s important to you now and moving forward.

While I’ve appreciated this time as I’ve had time to catch up in a way I haven’t in years, I’m super happy to see more businesses reopening and getting business ramped up as fast as possible.

Having access to  Zoom has been an awesome tool to connect that works great for business. When you’re in sales, you love to connect with people in person, it adds an extra special element after this isolation period, and I know that many of you are rearing to get out there.

What the new normal will be is a question that will be answered in the coming weeks. You may have different POVs on that topic, and the State or County governs those decisions at the end of the day.

What you can count on is that people will need to connect with others. 

In addition, everyone is hungry to get their business going, just like you.

What will change, at least for the short term, is how business is conducted.


How can you help your clients? 

Call them and ask what their preference is as far as personal visits or if they prefer to conduct business via phone. 

What do they need your help and support with? 

How can you help them ramp up their business and, with that get your sales going?


What skills do you need to brush up on? 

Selling over the phone is a different animal than in person. 

Being able to talk to your customer or prospect may be challenging the first couple of weeks as they ramp up their business.

Is there someone on their team that you can connect with in the interim?


What are your conversation starters?

Do you have a set of good questions to captivate your customers while quickly getting to the point?

Keeping a list of great conversation openers and questions that really help you and your customer/prospect identify their current problem can be one way to be time-efficient. 

Pitching without listening to your customer’s current needs rarely results in a sale or repeat sale, as you know. 

Providing a solution to a problem your customer is facing right now offers value and shows them that you care.


What talents do you use to connect? How do you influence or connect with people?

Getting clear on how your mojo is expressed is one of the keys to creating a life and success that fulfills you internally and externally. Without it, life can feel a bit empty.


Would you like to explore how to get your mojo into gear?

CLICK HERE to explore how I can help you and if you’re not looking for coaching at this point, take the CliftonStrengths® assessment; it will provide you with some insightful information, all good stuff. Promise.

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