Why having a great manager matters

by | May 10, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

We’ve all been there, with a sucky manager who squelched the life out of our energy with no appreciation for our contributions.

You get nervous and uncertain of the future, making basic mistakes that you normally wouldn’t and beating yourself up.

You hope that the manager will leave or get fired, or you’re out the door.

You feel vulnerable and left with some tough decisions to make. Do you stay or do you go?

Imagine a miracle happening, the manager leaves, replaced by someone that gets you fully.

Your life and business change overnight, and you’re once again filled with hope.

Your new manager is fun, open, cares about people, and has your back. You can speak without fear of judgment, and you find your mojo returning.

Can ONE person create this change?


You create trust when you have a manager who truly has your back and speaks up for you. You feel safe, and with your basic fight or flight mode tempered, you can start to relax and get to work.

Judgment kills performance, creativity, hope, and team spirit. Literally.

Workplaces invest so much time and money into their employees, so why not ensure their well-being is included?

You can produce and create so much more when you feel great and have a great vibing work environment.

Being employed or having clients that aren’t appreciating who you are don’t create good business mojo.

What if your pipeline represented professionals that you really clicked with? Why not enjoy the clients you will spend your time and efforts on?

Life can be easy. It’s our creation, after all. Are you the lead “actor” in your life? Or are you, the lead, focusing more time on your supporting actors? While focusing on your supporting cast is important, you need to include yourself and your needs too.

The past couple of months have provided a great time to reset, catch up with life and inquire about what’s important to prioritize in your life and how you best balance work and play or combine them.

When you have a great manager, you’re energized and feel good about yourself after interacting.

When you’re on a team with people that evoke that energy too, it’s like you’ve hit the jackpot. Work is play, and play is fun.

So how do you create this? Here are 8 random ideas that I know are important for success. There are many more that can be added to the list.

1. It starts with the manager.

A great manager that invests in continual business and personal growth will have an open mind.

He or she will understand the importance of investing in their people, and offering coaching for employees helps create a culture that adds extra value.

Emotional well-being is crucial for performance. Caring about your employees and having their back – without playing games or political bs, will create a team that desires to help their boss to succeed happily.


2. Establish what you stand for as a business.

What is your company culture – be real – and what does your ideal employee look like? Do you offer an open and people-focused environment vs. a data & number-focused company? Are you casual or formal?

It’s super important to create a company brand that clearly communicates who you are. When you’re clear on who you are, what you bring as a company, the people in it, and who you’re not, you’ll attract the people you desire. That goes for life in general, too ūüėÄ


3. Build a diverse team of people that fit with your company culture.

Set people up to win. Don’t expect people to be robots unless you work with robots. Save yourself time and money by communicating the non-negotiables for an employee/client so that they can easily see if it’s a culture that speaks to them.


4. Remember, life can be easy.

Who you surround yourself with in your personal life is just as important when selecting a place to work for/taking on new clients.

When you’re having fun with your co-workers, that good mojo will spill over into your personal life. When your co-workers become your buddies or BFFs while keeping it professional, of course, at work, you build a strong culture.

Can you imagine going camping with your current coworkers? Would you have fun hanging out with them?


5. There are many different ways to achieve results.

When you’re hungry to sell, the fastest way is simply being you, using your natural talents, skills, experience, knowledge/education, and taking action to continually build your pipeline. Be you and create a life you love.


6. Listen to your inner awareness

Doing what other people say is the right thing may not be the right thing for you. Pay attention to how it feels to interact with the people in the company/business. Are people happy? Follow your inner guidance. Be a leader and create your path.

You’re the lead actor in your life, remember?


7. Invest in your people

When you care about your people and create an energizing workplace, people will stay. What the perks look like will vary.

When you believe in your people and invest in them, you’ll get even more back, whether directly or indirectly.

A business has an energy that either invites or not; what do you want to invite your clients and employees to?


8. Invest in strengths

Most Fortune 500 companies know the importance of this, and for smaller, entrepreneurial companies, it’s even more important.

Creating a strengths-based company is part of the winning formula.

As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, my personal favorites to introduce are, of course, CliftonStrengths¬ģ and BP10‚ĄĘ by Gallup¬ģ. They also offer something called Q12 to measure engagement.

There are many other offers out there that can help; either way, being aware of what YOUR natural talents and wiring are, creates a strong foundation for success that will contribute immensely to anything you add after that.

Knowing what you need and bring is a powerful first step. Have fun with this!


CLICK HERE if you’re interested in coaching, exploring what your strengths are and how you can apply them to your professional and personal life. I offer the sales mojo method program and more.


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