Why is performance important?

by | May 3, 2020 | Strengths

What is performance?

No matter what area you look at in life, it’s tied to performance or lack thereof; it’s just expressed differently. What all areas have in common are that you need to practice = and invest time in your chosen area to stay on top of the game.

Imagine if you were assigned to play the tuba or violin; for some, that would be torture as they wanted to play the drums; for others, it would be creating beautiful music and loving every minute of it.

Creating a fit body comes easy for some and takes more effort for others. Some require special diets while others eat junk and get ripped…



per·​for·​mance | \ pər-ˈfȯr-mən(t)s , pə- \
Definition of performance
1a: the execution of an action
b: something accomplished : DEED, FEAT
2: the fulfillment of a claim, promise, or request : IMPLEMENTATION
3a: the action of representing a character in a play
b: a public presentation or exhibition a benefit performance
4a: the ability to perform : EFFICIENCY
b: the manner in which a mechanism performsengine performance
5: the manner of reacting to stimuli : BEHAVIOR
6: the linguistic behavior of an individual : PAROLEalso : the ability to speak a certain language — compare COMPETENCE sense 1c
Your talents

Now, if you look at all the areas in life that you’ve practiced in life, which ones did you give up on, and which ones are you still practicing?

It’s easy to give up on the areas you’re talented in if you don’t get feedback on how special that talent is. In addition, when things come too easy for you and you can’t see how you can monetize them, it’s so easy to give up on it, even if it’s fun. 

Our “teachers” in life are so important, and so is tuning within and finding your truth and passion. It’s so easy to dismiss personal growth as woo-woo, but if you wonder why your company or team isn’t performing, that’s the first area to look at.

When you look at the dynamics at play in our world right now, it’s really just a scaled-up version of what’s happening in your company, team, community, or family. 

When you take time out to reflect on what’s important to you, what you have a passion for or interest in, what your personal needs are to feel energized and fulfilled, and more, there are no limits to what you can create. 

There’s something for everyone

Being woke – aware – present – busting out of the matrix of this reality is the path I’ve chosen to explore. Does that mean that I’m present all the time? Heck no! It’s where I spend my time continually learning and expanding as a being.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing what comes easy for you if it energizes you. Why not feel great every day?

The older I get, the more I question the insanity of choosing to focus on improving your weaknesses. Sure, you need to address those blindspot areas in life. Delegating, hiring someone to do it for you if you can’t, or having someone to brainstorm with that is strong in those areas may be a better use of your time.

Depending on how and where you grew up, you got programmed with what was considered right or wrong, good or bad. That might work for you, and then if you leave that city, state, or country, you quickly find a different set of rules that challenge those beliefs.

When I moved to the US many years ago, I quickly adapted to the freedom to be who I desired to be. When you live in cities like Los Angeles and New York with cultures from all over the world, you see the impact of the culture and how some choose to stay the same, and others challenge old rules. I love living in a multicultural city. 

Your tribe

Workplaces are similar even when you look the same on the outside; you’re all unique on the inside. Finding your tribe both socially and at work makes a world of difference. When you find your tribe, you will be more of yourself, appreciate, and use your talents more, which leads to more joy and higher performance.

Remember, with talent comes rapid learning and development. If you look at that from an energetic perspective – it’s flow-mode.

Another thing to consider, in addition to individual and team performance, is intra-company interactions are, of course, customer interactions. Ultimately you’re on the same team when you work for the same company; you just have different targets and perspectives. 

Imagine what would be created if everyone in a company shared the same big-picture targets.

One question to consider asking yourself or your employees – are you tapping into and playing this game of life to your full potential?

Improving performance

When you use your talents and invest time in developing your natural talents life becomes way easier and fun. You perform better when you’re energized, love what you do, and have people around you that you love working with. 

When everyone on your team is fully in the game to perform to their best ability using their individual strengths in a way that works for them while keeping their focus on the group target, everyone wins, and you create a company culture that simply continues to expand and grow. Isn’t that what you want as managers and business owners? Engaged employees are priceless.

Speaking from personal experience, it’s so energizing and FUN to work with people you really love working with. It spills over to all areas of life. The leadership you have around you is crucial – poor managers create havoc in many people’s lives; when you have a talented manager who cares about his/her people, you’ll up your game – it’s priceless!

Having access to a coach at work helps, too; what are the areas you want to grow in? Ask in your network who your friends and co-workers would recommend and then see if that person would be a great fit for you.

To find a Gallup-certified strengths coach around the world, you can GO HERE or if you’re in sales and interested in working with me, CLICK HERE to schedule a call.

Unleash your talents – it’s free and resides within you after all!

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