Create your life mojo

A relaxing transformational hypnosis session.

you used to have big dreams,

what happened?

Access forgotten dreams

Feel relaxed

Create body + money mojo

how you feel impacts your life

Navigating business + life can be challenging. When you’re not selling, or hitting your targets, it’s easy to beat yourself up and get stuck in a loop where work takes over your free time.

You feel like you can’t win

There’s no time for you… your food habits suck, you’ve gained weight,… again…

You’re spending money faster than it’s coming in because you’re not hitting your numbers

You’re too stressed out to get a good nights sleep

The to-do pile is stacking up with emails, texts, calls, all you want to do is chill but you can’t

You don’t even know what you want anymore

imagine if you Could begin to shift it all in less than 1 hour?

You’re super relaxed, feeling like a rock star after a great gig. You know that it’ll all work out and a renewed focus and zest for life.

more mojo

You’re relaxed and feeling great.

more ConfidenCe

You know you’ve got “it”.

more revenue

Your head + body is back in the game.

you need a reset

Many of the high-performing salespeople I work with are frustrated because they are not hitting their sales numbers and it’s impacting both their work and personal life.

Some spend too much money or simply don’t make the money they expected. Others are too stressed out and eat to ease their frustrations and gain weight.

I help salespeople get clear + connect with what their targets are so they can generate more sales and feel great inside and out.

In this transformational hypnosis session, we’ll focus on your money or body targets.

i’ll help you get your mojo back

I know what it’s like to work your butt off to create a company from scratch and have made many pivots while helping build businesses for others, and on my own.

The growing pains can take on a life on their own with overwhelm running your life.

This session will give you a time-out and help you flip the switch leaving you relaxed and refreshed.


  • Certified in Transformational Hypnosis
  • Access Bars® Practitioner
  • Gallup-certified Strengths Coach
  • BP10™ Trained (entrepreneurial/builder profile)
  • Flow Consultant (GeniusU)
steps to Create your life mojo
book a session

Let’s explore what you really want.

ConneCt within

Allow new ideas to come to you while you relax.

take aCtion

Get back in the game with renewed energy.

Clients who got their mojo back

i felt relaxed and pain-free after one session!!

“I participated in a body mojo hypnosis session with Pia for my chronic pain. Pia is a true professional and she’s so down to earth and easy to talk to and work with. She helped me connect more deeply within which helped me interrupt my thinking and behavioral patterns that were holding my pain in place. In the past 5 years, I’ve done a lot of things (conventional and alternative) to try to release my chronic pain without success. After one session I felt relaxed and pain-free!”
Intuitive Business Coach & Mindset Expert

my soul lifted

“At any time in history, highly evolved spirits slipped into human bodies to help their fellow-men along on their journey to the light. Pia Jansson is one of those. Her insights and intuition serve as a higher purpose, her goodness is palpable. After my energy session with Pia, paired with hypnotherapy as taught by Chris Howard, I felt my soul lifted up into understanding and non-judgment. As I rarely have felt before. I’m deeply grateful for the gift this wonderful teacher/woman gave me. It will last for a long time to come.”

—Evie Sullivan
Journalist, Author, NLP Coach

i learned what I want deep down

“Pia Jansson gave me the confidence to be myself and made me comfortable in my own skin. I feel like I can run an honest business that will always be in line with my core values. I learned more about what I want deep down. It’s helped me identify what I want in life and how I can better position myself moving forward.”

—Andrew, Sales Manager

aCCess your subConsCious mind

what happens furing the hypnotherapy session?

Hypnosis is the ultimate state of self-control. Think of it as a guided meditation

You’re in total control and will be able to hear everything I say just like when you’re awake

You can expect to feel very relaxed after the session

your options?

What is your most pressing issue, right now, MONEY or BODY MOJO?

Book your Life Mojo session below. After booking and paying you’ll be directed to a brief questionnaire to spark your mind. You choose a money mojo or body mojo session in the questionnaire.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Imprint a money mojo that works for you

Create the body mojo you desire without sabotaging your target

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