CliftonStrengths®: Discipline® – Celebrating Routine & Structure

by | Apr 14, 2019 | Strengths

CliftonStrengths® defines this talent theme as people who “enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create.”

You thrive in an organized and orderly environment

You like it when every day is predictable and planned so that you can organize your life and avoid surprises.

You create routines and focus on timelines and deadlines; change is not necessarily your favorite cup of tea.

You’re great at breaking down long-term targets into milestones and short-term targets, so having you on projects helps you stay on track.

You follow the plan you’ve created.

You create order and structure where needed.

You set your targets, create a plan and follow it, step by step. Your targets help you determine your priorities and make it easy for you to filter out distractions.

You may be labeled as compulsive, meticulous or a control freak, which means you’re more productive than any critic.

You bring precision and detail orientation.

With your natural need to ensure that tasks and projects are completed in the right way, and on time you’ll create efficient systems that you may wish to share with your team.

You are an efficient manager of limited resources. You love when things are organized and orderly and have the ability to break down the complex into steps.

With your love for planning, you tend to be efficient with high productivity as a result. Your methods are often linear and purposeful, with a focus on the steps.

You meet deadlines

… and it makes you feel good. Calendars and spreadsheets are your friends. You use these tools to accomplish your plans and meet your commitments to others.

Chaos or winging it does not do well in your world; for you, having a system ensures that you deliver on time, and you may calculate the unexpected into your planning process.

You are often productive and efficient due to your ability to create a predictable structure. If you manage a team, it’s important that you build in some freedom and flexibility so that your team can thrive and add their talents to the mix.

You love being recognized with stats

You’ll feel acknowledged for your achievements when it’s presented with data and statistics and how your process, or structure, contributed to the achievement.

You need metrics and the ability to work on projects where you can rate, rank or sort. Creating an ongoing list of to-do’s where you rank the priorities and select a few each day or week to tackle is, in all likelihood, something you do.

Building systems and processes from scratch where none previously existed is an area where you can help your team thrive; just ensure that their needs are taken into consideration.


Do you have Discipline® as one of your dominant talents? What tools can you share with others to help them be more organized? Please comment below; I’d love to know.

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