Create a Legendary Leadership Impact

From stuck to stellar–transform and energize your life and business

You’re in sales—we all are

Why coaching? The spark ignites momentum, especially when you have a partner to brainstorm with, someone who listens without judgment.

We’re all in sales, whether as leaders, entrepreneurs, or sales professionals crafting our paths.

With over 30 years in the trenches of entrepreneurial ventures, I’ve navigated the ups and downs of business growth.

The key? Focus on your strengths and build a brand that attracts those who believe in your vision. And let’s not forget the fun factor – it’s crucial for creating vibrant, engaged teams.

Success starts with you. Ready to dive in? Check the offers below or book a call!

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Brand Mastery Blueprint Leverage your unique essence to create a brand that reflects your distinct vision and style. This blueprint features CliftonStrengths®, Sacred Money Archetypes®, Branding with Archetypes®, and more.

TAKE THE FREE SMA QUIZ. With Sacred Money Archetypes®, you can create a powerful new money reality and elevate your income like a rock star and legendary leader.

Your Sales Leader Playbook—Sales Leadership Mastery 1:1 VIP Program: This tailored coaching package will enhance your leadership skills, boost team performance, and increase revenue, creating transformative and lasting impacts.

Reignite Your Sales Mojo—Step into your rock star zone and increase sales and success. Discover and leverage your unique strengths to simplify success and make an impactful difference in your professional journey.

Create More Flow + Mojo – Single Debrief Session


Legacy Leadership: Executive Excellence. This 5-week self-paced course, or less, is for SMB leaders who want to positively impact their business results and team. AVAILABLE IN JULY!

Rock Your Sales Leadership Skills Elevate your sales career with this self-paced program. In just five weeks or less, amplify your leadership skills, boost your confidence, and master your unique values and talents through interactive sessions and AI-enhanced tools. AVAILABLE IN JULY


Coop Membership, check out THIS LINK, and if interested, BOOK a 30-minute chat to talk more about this.


I’m available for short- to long-term consulting projects, from startup setup and reorganization projects within marketing (events, exhibits, education) to sales support.

BOOK A CALL to discuss, send an email here or connect with me via LinkedIn.​


This is an amazing program! The big thing for me was to shift my focus from improving my weaknesses to simply recognizing and augmenting the areas where I naturally have strengths. And narrowing those down to their core is where Pia is really at her best!

—Robert Johnston, Sales Director

Competition® | Analytical® | Individualization® | Relator® | Achiever® – The Connoisseur — Supporter

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