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books where i’m a Co-author

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I wrote a chapter in the collaborative book “Turning Talents into Strengths; Stories of Coaching Transformation” that was published in July of 2018.

12 authors share their and select clients’ journeys of transformation by developing their talents into strengths.

The book is available as a Kindle or paperback.


In 2016 I co-authored a chapter in two different books, one on The Power of Releasing Judgment, the other on The Energy of Play Click on the links for more info.


books i recommend
by other authors

It starts with you! “It’s the manager”, is a great read and mandatory for any leader who seeks to empower their team.

In this book from Gallup®, you’ll find many research-based tools and tips on creating a strengths-based workplace from the top down.

It includes topics like hiring analytics -predicting performance, onboarding considerations, strengths-based conversations to inspire performance, steps to build a strengths-based culture and much more.



For all builders, aka entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, young and old, this book includes a code to take the BP10™ assessment.

Knowing the dominant role you naturally excel, where your aptitude and talents lay and adding people with other talents to your team, is key to creating a successful business.

The book includes exercises that will help you get clear on implementing this knowledge into your life.



A classic that illustrates the importance of aligning your sales talents with a product that matches your strengths.



This book by Dr. Dain Heer changed my world. I still read it once a year. There are always new aha’s every time I read it. I recommend this book warmly.

Gary Douglas has written numerous books on a variety of topics in addition that are also great.



This is the most recent book by Dr. Joe Dispenza for anyone looking to meditate, plus connecting the dots between science and energy. In the book, there are links to recommended meditations that you can purchase separately or record on your own using the scripts in the book and book webpage.



This book, by Michael E. Gerber, covers important considerations for each step when creating a business to create success. Anticipating future needs by detailing roles for hires long before you hire them. Being clear and ready for your anticipated needs as you grow and expand, and how that helps you stay ahead of the game.


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