A Self-paced Program

Rock Star Sales Leader


For sales leaders who want to make an impact:

Boost Your Leadership Skills

Elevate your heart-led, high-achieving leadership with innovative strategies, and tap into your gold.

Overcome Sales Challenges

You’ve hit a wall, stuck in overwhelm, trying to hit your numbers while the company vibe is down.


Create momentum

You’re unclear on your next steps, nothing seems to work and your mojo is going downhill.

Open the door to your power, abilities, and freedom!

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Frustrated with your band… I mean, team, not hitting the high notes? Are sales/revenue targets falling flat? Worried about not leaving a legacy that resonates?

It’s time to change the track!

Embark on the ultimate Rock Star Sales Leader world tour! In just 5 weeks or less, crank up the volume on your leadership anthem, boost your backstage confidence, and master the melodies of your distinct values and talents. Dive into sound checks, jam out in daily sessions, and witness your metamorphosis into the headline rock star leader you’re destined to be.

This isn’t just another sales leader program; it’s a backstage pass to your potential. With the CliftonStrengths®All34 assessment tailored for dynamic leaders, you’ll unlock the inner game of leadership.

Learn how AI can be your backstage tech crew, amplifying your business performance in this self-paced program.

What’s on the Setlist?
  • Leadership insights that’ll have you headlining in no time.
  • Meditation sessions to tune your inner strings.
  • Action-packed exercises to get you stage-ready.
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions – your fan meet-and-greets!
Tour Dates (Outline):
  • Week 1: Opening Act: Foundations of Leadership
  • Week 2: Solo Performance: All About Yourself
  • Week 3: Band Dynamics: Building Relationships
  • Week 4: Rocking the Business Charts
  • Week 5: Spiritual Vibes in Leadership
Command the stage with clarity, confidence, and compassion. The stage is set, the crowd is waiting, the spotlight is on you – it’s your time to shine!

What’s included?

  • The CliftonStrengths All34 assessment is included and tailored for dynamic leaders or anyone looking to step up their game as a leader.

  • This program combines leadership insights, visualizations, actionable exercises, and weekly live Q&A sessions.

  • Discover your inner gold, lead with clarity and compassion, cultivate trust, and leave a lasting legacy of empowered leadership.

  • Each week includes a workbook for your action items.

  • Daily emails with text reminders.

  • Weekly live Q&A in the Rock & Radiate Facebook group

  • The tracks will be delivered with bite-sized content; the order and content are subject to change as your feedback will be considered.

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With 35+ years of experience spanning startups to established SMBs, I provided sales support, coaching sales professionals and C-suite while managing field marketing. My expertise includes events, exhibits, sales meetings, education, product/project management, and graphic design—a trusted advisor to presidents and sales teams, known for rapid results. Tap into my wealth of experience.

Not your typical sales program

Go deep at your own pace and build success from the inside and out, leveraging your unique strengths and tapping into your true potential. Uncover what truly motivates you and embrace your unique values. Reveal new visions, strategies, and targets utilizing AI. It’s not about adding MORE, just more of WHO YOU ARE!

Strengths motivator

Achieve higher performance levels that drive success in your roles. With me as your coach, expect unwavering support, progress tracking, and an exploration of all areas of your life. Together, we’ll embark on an exciting journey into your strengths zone beneath the surface, filled with enjoyment and fulfillment. I’ll be your cheerleader as we uncover how everything is connected.

I’m a confident & transformational leader

Having worked with Pia over the last couple of years, I must admit the experience has been life-changing. Focusing on my strengths and what drives me is the key to much of my success. It’s allowed me to become stronger and more confident in my leadership role. With this kind of self-awareness, I’ve been able to lead others in a more positive way. Each day I begin with a positive approach to problem-solving and hitting things head-on. Don’t wait any longer to seek what drives you and makes you who you are. I’m a confident transformational leader, who loves to embrace my strengths. Thank you, Pia!

—Mark A. Neri, President

Significance® | Activator® | Futuristic® | Self-Assurance® | Positivity®

Added clarity into why & how I best operate

Take anything you do well, and multiply it by 10 after working with Pia! It was a great and valuable experience I’d recommend to anyone looking for professional and personal growth!

— Benjamin Deakins, Master of Sales and Self/VP of US Sales 

Strategic® | Woo® | Adaptability® | Communication® | Input® | The Maverick | Star


Before this program, I didn’t have a useful way of recognizing my core strengths. this program gave that to me as well as the ability to use them in a more directed manner.

— Greg Deakins, Sales Manager

Learner® | Strategic® | Achiever® | Activator® | Command®

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