Elevate Your Income Like a Rock Star

Are you ready to get rid of unconscious money blocks and start fresh
on a path of creating freedom, independence, and a healthy relationship with money?

The wakeup call

When it comes to money, sooner or later, there’s a wake-up call that happens for each of us. Why? Because if money blocks like these have taken over your life, it’s time to do something about it:

Is this you?

Being too busy or out of time to figure out how to take your income to a new level.

Feeling as if there is an invisible glass money ceiling keeping you from achieving success.

Undercharging in your business, but you can’t see how you could charge more.

Fearing you’ll have to work harder to make more, which keeps you stuck where you are.

Being too busy or out of time to figure out how to take your income to a new level.

What if you could change this?

Did you know that you CAN get rid of unconscious money blocks and press reset on a fresh money story, starting today? Here’s how …

Within you is a unique “money code” called your Sacred Money Archetypes®. Once you discover what YOUR money archetypes are, it will feel as if all the puzzle pieces of your life easily fall into place:

You discover what your 3 core money strengths are (and how to use them to make more money in your business or career.

You feel confident and ready to make new decisions about your business (or career) that will take your income to a new level.

You understand what makes you tick when it comes to money (freeing you from negative self–judgment).

You’re free to make decisions from a place of empowerment, not fear (the freeing quality of relief that you’ll feel will immediately open new opportunities for you).

Those stressful squabbles with your loved ones about money? Gone! Because now you have the understanding and tools to come from your highest, best self.

This is why I created the Vision with Sacred Money Archetypes program.

First, you’ll discover YOUR Sacred Money Archetypes® in a 1-on-1 coaching session. You’ll learn all about your unique strengths and challenges with money and discover an easy way to create a fresh money story on the spot.

You’ll get 9 incredibly inspiring and highly personalized coaching calls with me on how to use the power of your Sacred Money Archetypes® to get rid of unconscious money blocks and create a new approach to money in your life,  business, or career.

These coaching calls are delivered via Zoom in 30-45 min—sessions 3x a month for three months.

I’ll personally coach you through exciting, step-by-step exercises that dive deep and reveal exactly how to get rid of unconscious money blocks and create new, empowered money actions in your business or career, life, and even in your relationships.

You get personalized action steps in each coaching session, designed to help you immediately apply what you are discovering so you begin right away to see real change in your day-to-day life.

Your program includes a set of Sacred Money Archetypes® cards. These gorgeous, full-color cards show you in vivid detail your strengths, gifts, challenges, and more…explaining what makes YOU tick when it comes to money.

A magical endorsement

Money doesn’t matter! Or does it? The answer is not that simple, and we all have our own relationship with money. The Sacred Money Archetypes sessions with Pia helped me dive deeper to discover and understand how I truly feel about money.

Before these sessions, I never thought that this could even impact many other areas of our lives, too, and I was amazed how the tiny little things can help change my perspectives around money and, as a result, my life! I am already seeing positive shifts around me, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the coming days.

Working with Pia was insightful and fun – she is sensitive, curious, knowledgeable, and authentic. She knows how to gently nudge you in the right direction and hold you accountable when needed; in a nutshell, she has everything that you need in a great coach.

Akanksha Bansal, CEC, CLC

By now you’re probably asking, Pia, this sounds exciting, but what’s my investment?

Considering that money is at the heart of every decision you make…

If you could eliminate the conflicting emotions, the arguments with your significant other, the guilt, and any doubts holding you back, what would be possible for you in your life, business, or career?

If you could dramatically up-level your sense of value to play big in your business and life, how much would that make a difference for you?

Knowing that money influences every aspect of your life and business, aren’t you MORE than willing to invest in yourself and create a money breakthrough for yourself?

And if not for yourself, then for the ones you love?

Your full-pay investment for the Vision with Sacred Money Archetypes® Coaching Program is $2,799.

The Sacred Money Archetypes®, created by Kendall Summerhawk, have been tested and proven for many years and include some amazing and fun exercises that will blow your mind.

Are you ready to leap?

Secure your spot TODAY,

…because getting rid of unconscious money blocks and pressing reset on a fresh money story is going to help you make more, end those arguments with your loved ones about money, feel better about yourself, and improve every aspect of your life.



P.S. Remember, how you “do” money is how you do everything, which means that this course will not only help you get rid of money blocks it will also help you take control of your life from the inside out.

For example, think of the next time you need to discuss money with a loved one…wouldn’t knowing what to say be amazing?

Wouldn’t you love knowing which exact actions will help you reach your money goals?

Isn’t it time you gave yourself permission to create amazing money boundaries that bring you harmony, relief, and freedom?

Discovering your Sacred Money Archetypes® will do all this for you and much more.

Let’s get you started now because if you’re serious about creating greater financial freedom, then don’t you owe yourself this life-changing moment?

P.P.S.  Ask me any questions about the Sacred Money Archetypes® Coaching program, and I’ll help you decide if it’s right for you. Book a 30-minute call in the calendar below if you have additional questions about SMA, and I’ll give you a brief sample reading, or if you’re ready to go click on the button below to buy the package.

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