Create more flow + mojo debrief

Get in flow to build teams & companies powerfully


Do you wonder what your business-building leadership formula is?

Your natural flow

The value you bring

How you leverage your talents

Not just another assessment

This assessment provides you with insights into your unique value proposition and talents based on who you are. It has nothing to do with your titles. Your work experience, skills, and education are added to this, which makes you pretty unique as an individual.


You will leave the session empowered with a deeper level of self-awareness.



Gallup® is known for their research, and both CliftonStrengths® and BP10™ have been validated for many years.  Over 26 million people have taken the CliftonStrengths® assessment! When you know what makes you unique, you know what actions to take to provide value. You’ll naturally increase your performance when you’re in your talent zone. You’re in flow.

The non-scientific difference?

    CliftonStrengths® is a developmental tool that shows you how you approach anything in life


    BP10™ is a selection tool that measures how to be successful in business

    A focus on talents

    Creating a talent-based workplace is a win-win for everyone involved. When people are happy and in their zone of talent doing work they love, they’ll continually up their game.

    This debrief includes ONE of these assessments.

    Are you quick to get in action or do you take your time?

    Do you love people or do you prefer data and spreadsheets?

    Extrovert, introvert, or a mix of both?

    Are you filled with ideas and visions or do you want to just scream STOP IT with the flood of information heading your way?

    Your unique profile will provide you with empowering information

    You will know what you bring

    This debrief includes ONE of these assessments: Wealth Dynamics, Talent Dynamics, CliftonStrengths®, or BP10™.

    More awareness

    You’ll know why you do what you do

    More confidence

    You’ll know you’ve got “it”

    more revenue

    Your head + body is back in the game

    Are you ready to get started?


    Here are your next steps:

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    i know how I bring value & results

    Pia really helped me focus on “how I can bring more value and create results for Neoss, my family, and myself”. Her ability to bring people closer to their core values and talents leads to enhanced productivity with an “in the zone, feeling the flow” kinda vibe.

    —Charlie Wilcher, Sales Manager

    great insights

    Just talking to Pia brings enthusiasm and great insight into my personal/professional growth and improvement. She has the unique ability to challenge you and at the same time increase your confidence.

    —Randy C

    I know myself better

    Pia is amazing. She helped me to know myself better and opened up my eyes to things that I didn’t know about myself. She also showed me how to look at life from a different perspective. She is full of positive energy and enthusiasm.

    —L Shai

    I now know I how can efficiently use my strengths to my advantage

    Personal growth is so important to me; I believe it has a ripple effect into every aspect of your life… but let’s be honest: it can sometimes lead you down a rabbit hole. With Pia’s careful guidance and nuggets of wisdom, she helped me find my core values, my personal strengths, my unique talents, and how I can efficiently use them to my advantage. Pia is easy to work with, thorough and effective with her methods. It’s obvious that this is a passion of hers, and you are in the best of hands.

    —PP, Sales Manager

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