CliftonStrengths®: Restorative™ – Fixing Problems

by | Jun 2, 2019 | Strengths

CliftonStrengths® defines people exceptionally talented in the Restorative® theme as “adept at dealing with problems. They are good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it.”

You need problems to solve

The idea of ignoring problems does not sit well with you, as your focus is on identifying and fixing them.

Analyzing symptoms, identifying what’s wrong, and finding the solution to the said problem are what have you thrive.

In fact, you actively look for potential problems with the intent of fixing them before they become serious problems or fearlessly dive into chaos to sort them out.

You can restore

For those of you with talents & skills in fixing cars, coupled with Restorative®, you would, in all likelihood, restore it back to its former glory.

You can be perceived as negative, so place yourself in roles where you’re actively looking for, and solving problems, like a computer programmer looking for bugs, or turn-around management where you solve the issues and rebuild departments that other people have given up on.

As your focus tends to be on what’s wrong, you may want to consider your delivery to negate that reaction. We all need a Mr. or Ms. Fixit that can help and who also considers our perspective.

You find the reason why

Bringing awareness to what your team needs to look out for to avoid unintended consequences and, with that, an ability to take more effective action.

You will continually look for how you, and your team, can take it to the next level.

When chaos or crisis situations happen, your cool and ability to address the problem, clean up the mess and reinstate order is priceless.

The life of an editor is not a glamorous one. You’re a fixer; you make things better. —Courtney B. Vance

You have a practical approach

This ensures performance as you respond to real-time issues and keeps any team you’re on, or leading, focused and productive.

You may lean on processes over people, so check in with the people around you to get buy-in and feedback.

You have practical solutions to issues that others may have given up on and make necessary adjustments with existing resources.

You’re a resource

You have the ability to sort whether to save, fix or restore items.

By including yourself in the equation, you may wish to create a network of experts that you can tap into as needed and not do it all on your own.

You may also wish to put some focus on creating a fix-it list from small to larger problems to get the scope early and connect the dots prior to chaos mode.


Do you have Restorative® as one of your dominant talents? What is on your agenda to fix today?

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Lastly, visit Gallup’s YouTube channel for more information on the CliftonStrengths® theme of Restorative® HERE.

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