Do you laugh at yourself often?

by | Jun 20, 2015 | Access

I do; every time I find myself getting hooked on anything significant – busted! – and I choose laughter and joy the next moment! “Life is too short – gotta laugh” is my philosophy. After all, you feel a lot better when you do, so why not?

Who are the fun beings in your life?

Surrounding yourself with beings that bring you joy is so much more fun (at least for me), like my dog who entertains me daily, my man, or the wild animals in nature with their playful energy, or people that are curious, that have a desire to create more, explore, have expansive conversations with no point of view, etc.

Being happy and laughing daily has always been a priority of mine. Having been around people that did not choose laughter or joy had me realize that it was their choice and even if I didn’t understand why I would choose what was/is true to me. And yes it’s another one of those choices, one moment at the time, that may require “practice” for just 10 + seconds each time.

Would you like to try it?

Play out a drama scenario in your life and then choose to be angry for 10 seconds and then sad for 10 seconds and then happy for 10 and then […], and so on,  as long as it’s fun. What you may get present to is that you have the power to choose and change your mind as often as you please. What if you could turn it into a fun game of interesting choices that don’t really mean a thing?

I wonder what could be created if we all get that we are writing the script of our lives? What if all we need to “do” is choose a different point of view to shift the energy and events in our lives and those around us? What do you know that no one ever told you? And what kind of world would we create to live in if more people choose happiness?

Funny clips

I love to search for funny clips online and have friends who happily spread joy links. A little laughter and any significance will evaporate; this one is a funny clip that illustrates choice quite brilliantly that a friend shared. I’ve had many waves of laughter from this especially when being surrounded by drama and significance.

There is a saying that I have lived by long before I heard the words for it that is true for me: “People come into your life for a season, reason or lifetime“. As I have released stuff and expanded into more awareness in my life, owned and acknowledged that I am the creator of my life it fits even better.

What I’ve created over the course of my life is an inner desire to go with the flow no matter what; my point of view is that you never really know who will be the keepers, and that’s alright. I’m grateful for all the people that have been part of my journey, even for the shorter rides, and wonder what’s next? and then continue to flow on the river of life. My life, my creation.

Do you acknowledge that you’re the creator of your life? What have you created that really works for you?

Do you choose happiness? What tricks do you use to stay happy? Do you choose to let things go or do you hold on?

What if your smile and laughter had the ability to change you and other people’s world? How much fun would you create?

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