Being space

by | May 16, 2015 | Access

What does that even mean, you may wonder? Think about how you feel in nature, on the beach, with your pet(s), and/or feeling yummy. Do you have inner peace/stillness and space to be with your barriers down, or are they up in resistance mode? I bet they’re down, and you’re taking in the surroundings and enjoying yourself. Maybe you find that you’re approachable and receiving, or are you judging yourself and/or others?

I have noticed over the years that being and holding “space” for others comes easy for me, and it’s taken me many years to acknowledge that it’s one of my gifts and one of the reasons people often feel comfortable around me. When I’m in facilitation mode, it’s very easy for me to be in the space of non-judgment. That doesn’t mean that I don’t ever judge or have opinions.

Over the years, I’ve also realized that most of what I thought were my judgments or reactions were not mine. I’ve even noticed that the words out of my mouth often are what the other person was thinking, especially if they are holding back! How do I know? I often receive that verbal feedback. Have you ever experienced this?

And a couple of years ago, after we had discussed energy projection (like a fireball of anger) in class, I experienced a road rage incident later that day. This was the first time I could identify and acknowledge that the fireball in my stomach and my body shaking with fear was actually not me being upset; it was this person projecting all his rage towards me – wow! (the moment before it happened, I was in “being space/zen mode” and in a very yummy and expansive space).

Talk about two different ways of being, crossing paths! This time I had the tools to deal with it-phew! How awesome is that? It was so profound and empowering to experience this, and while I do not enjoy being around that type of energy; I really understood how it wasn’t my stuff. It had me wonder where else I was taking things into my body on autopilot that were not even mine, buying them as mine.

Your words or thoughts not being yours may sound strange to you. What if the thoughts in your head (mind chatter) are actually not yours? The “feelings” in your body? What if you are more aware than you ever gave yourself credit for and actually tap into the energy/vibrational frequency of others? What could you create with that awareness?

What so-called beliefs and values could you release with joy? What would releasing beliefs and values that do not work for you create for you and your life?

To learn more about releasing energy, beliefs, and more, go to Access Consciousness® or send me a message. One awesome process that releases “drama” and beliefs/values you are ready to release is The Bars® (I love having my Bars run weekly).

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