How’s your heart, really?

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I recently attended an intro seminar followed by a 1:1 coaching session with the creator of “How’s Your Heart and the “To-story-forth™” process — Boise Thomas. While I’ve known him for many years, how he shows up now is more powerful and focused than I’ve seen before, and this guy has been playing a big game for many years.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is?

Many of us have thought about that and sometimes gotten stuck in our heads not knowing or being able to identify what that purpose is; this process helps you identify what this is for you. 

In this process that Boise created, he takes you through a series of questions related to select life events that create your personal blueprint, aka matrix. 

It covers your wake-up calls, triggers, and insights as well as the action items for you for each of them and what you’re here to share with the world as a result of this. You get your master key which includes your overarching message to share with the world. Mine happens to be that life flows easily when we get out of our own way.

This blueprint is something you can use as a guide in any area of life; it becomes a kind of checklist to quickly identify where your energy or emotional state is so that you can stay focused on your targets and have personalized action steps for you when you get off track.

What stories are you currently sharing with the world?

Every person’s story is unique. I got present with all the stories I still was sharing after many years of transformational work, the disappointments and conclusions I had created as a result, how they were still there, and the gifts that came from the experiences. 

When you’re on a continual growth path, there are always more insights and growth available life is constantly changing. Change starts with awareness; without that, you can’t make changes no matter how much you want to. I have a lot of stories to tell and do, and some that I’m telling myself and others need to get a bit of a rewrite as they no longer serve me. 

I was also reminded that when you’re in any sort of funk or transition in life where you’re not operating at your best, you’re simply present to that frequency gap. Your instinct would often be to simply power through and create whatever your normal mode is, but inside you, there’s a sense of feeling stuck or missing a point that you can shake. That is another thing I got out of that session. 

Losing your mojo

When you lose your mojo for whatever reason, there are feelings, energies to address, or simply awarenesses waiting to pop so that you can unhook yourself from that funk and take action.

When you’re at the bottom of this frequency list yet pretending to yourself and others that you aren’t, there’s a gap created that others can sense too. Most importantly you. It could be a temporary issue in one area of life, or when life appears to collapse into a mess, you don’t know how to get yourself out of it. The image below is a great one to help identify this, and the good news is that when you’ve identified the trigger, you’re able to turn things around and reclaim your mojo.

Artwork created by Boise Thomas and published with his permission

Energy is a funny thing, depending on the community you’re in, whether it is talked about or not, yet something we all pick up when interacting with people, whether in person, via text, email, etc. When you lose your mojo, that gap between your rock star self is simply just that, a gap; asking questions, looking at your personal blueprint, and yes, of course, applying your strengths in every area helps you get your mojo back.

Mojo is flow mode

When your mojo is on, life flows easily, and everyone who interacts with you gets to experience your gift and true energy. People listen to you differently. You’re aligned. You’re heard. You’re seen. You’re understood.

Spoken words either enhance how you’re perceived or not. The words you chose, tone, vibe, mood, are all about energy and the story you’re telling others, even when you’re unaware of what that actually is.

I recommend this process to anyone feeling a disconnect, loss of mojo, or simply on a purpose quest to connect with Boise and see if you’re a fit.

Boise is a powerful storyteller, coach, and guide, in addition to many other talents. He’s someone you can safely trust with your stories, and know that he has your best interests in mind. He also has a book awaiting publication in January 2020.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the To-story-forth™ process.

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