Let’s talk about photography and brand story

by | Jan 19, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

What do photography and branding have to do with sales mojo? We all have a personal brand and a story that we communicate to the world, which is a mix of how we dress – colors and style, carry ourselves – personality, interests, values, knowledge, education, etc.

Do you have pictures illustrating and presenting who YOU are to the world?

I love to bring out the inner essence when I capture my spur-of-the-moment pictures of people. Making people laugh has always been important to me. When we allow ourselves to let loose and just be ourselves, laughter comes easily. With laughter comes the beauty and depth of each individual, which is what I love to capture.

Presenting a face to the world that truly represents who you are in the moment helps you sell yourself and your products. What that looks like will be as unique as you are and the business area you’re in. It’s also a warm invitation to others to start a conversation or simply spread good mojo vibes. Add a list of questions to ask your prospects or existing clients, and you’re ready to roll.

I watched “A Marriage Story” the other night on Netflix. Despite all of the awards, to me, the story of that movie was so sad, yet how many stories end? It illustrated the importance of communication, asking questions, and not making assumptions. It’s so easy to stop asking questions in any relationship, personal and professional, not wanting to rock the boat, yet if you don’t, there are more messes to clean up. A photograph, video, or movie tells a powerful story.

What is the brand story you want to create?

You’re in sales because you care, like the freedom and challenges that this game offers, and you want to impact people. You know that balance is key; listening to what people have to say, being genuinely interested in people is what makes the difference between short and long-term. Is how you present yourself to the world congruent with that? That’s the person I want to capture.

Networking is a big part of prospecting and landing a new account. When people start referring you leads you to know that you’ve made a difference to the point that they want to help you build your business.

One of my co-workers has been great at asking for testimonials from his customers. We created a testimonial sheet with contact info that he provides for any new prospect on the fence. It includes testimonials about what to expect from a service level, character, and product performance. That’s a powerful sales tool.

Have you asked your current accounts for a testimonial?

This initiative gave me so much information about how he manages his region. It takes a lot of courage to ask your clients for a testimonial, and when you have a close working relationship, it’s easy, right? He knows the value he brings to his customers, and yes, he knows his strengths, and his performance has skyrocketed after many years in sales. It’s never too late when you’re hungry and focused.

So what does this have to do with photography and stories? Your customers’ words create a powerful story in itself; imagine adding a picture of you to your testimonial sheet that matches what your clients are saying about you. One where you have your mojo that shows off your personality.

We all have a personal brand whether we do something about it, or not. Why not use it to your advantage?

Your talent lineup is a unique mix; 1 in 33 million people unique, and that is only counting your Top 5! When you review your talent mix, you quickly get what your needs are, what you bring, and a lot of information about your personal brand.

With that in your arsenal, you can stand out; you’re not like the rep down the street. Yes, the same thing can be said for that person, so looking at HOW you stand out is key. There’s absolutely no need to slam competition; it’s an illusion on so many levels. Just think about who you’d rather buy from; what qualities are you looking for?

Doing business with people you connect with that are looking for what you uniquely bring is the sweet spot.

Who are YOU as a brand? I’d love to know.

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