Playtime stoppers & creators

by | Jun 17, 2014 | Access

Today I’m present to the external illusions we buy into or allow to affect us that stop or delay us from playing, and also the situations where we do not allow play (aka buying into what others deem appropriate behavior or opinions).

I was listening to an audio blog post this morning on creating a “not-to-do list,” which is an effective and backward tool to get to what actually is important to you.

What are the “not’s” that you are aware of that stop or delay you from playing?

What would you add to your “life” list of “not’s” that would free up your space-time reality to play?

We live in a time where we are inundated by various possibilities, distractions, and demands; whether it’s people, electronic media or other energy attention demands, what actions do you take to keep a healthy balance?

Does it come down to using a “timer” or are there other possibilities to consider? Taking a time-out one day a week? What if there is nowhere to “hide” or go?

In the past year, I’ve looked at the impact of volunteering for a longer period of time.  In this case, I was on the board of the condo association where I live, to make a difference and contribute. With this particular situation, I became present to one of my “not’s” – I no longer wish to give my free time to people that do not wish to contribute to creating something fun and expansive for all, and yet by being around the “not’s” I became aware of that.

So what can we learn from these types of situations that we create for ourselves? What can we create despite that? And does it need to be a one-time choice?

Pivoting into joy

To me, my dog Rocco has been a joyful distraction and I am so grateful that I have this playful being in my life. He is my inspiration to live in the moment, be happy, choose in each moment, and he reminds me daily that play & laughter is only a moment of choice away.

When he is not with me I try to find animals, people or something in nature in my surroundings to inspire me, watching squirrels play for one often makes me smile and laugh!

What do you use to snap yourself into play mode if the “not” side is activated? Do you have pets or animals nearby? What do they provide for you?

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