Completions and new beginnings

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Access

What comes up for you when you think of completions or the end of something? Does it make you feel sad, relieved, sentimental, happy, or something else? Do you embrace it and make every moment count? Do you resist it, or have you already ended the […] before the day comes? Or a mix of all of that? Or are you already in the future of what’s next for you?

Today the mastermind group that I have been part of for the past year completed its current “class” structure and what a fun ride it’s been! And I found myself completing long before the class ended, again. Do you review and acknowledge all the changes you’ve made before completing? I do, and in the next moment, I start creating whatever is next.

It’s not that I don’t stay present; I guess I’m always in motion, one way or another, moving forward to whatever is next for me and what contribution I can be from the space I now am. The more I acknowledge what has changed or what the contribution […] was to me, the faster I can let go of the past and receive the expansive energy of what’s next. Bouncing on to the next shiny ball, and what if that is totally cool (for me)?

I’ve found energy is a conversation that is being had more and more now outside the circles of healers, which is awesome in my POV. I, for one, talk about it a lot and find that the people I do have conversations with “get” what I’m talking about. After all, what new creations are made possible by acknowledging the energies that we pick up on? (and what that is will, of course, vary for each individual).

What awarenesses do you have that you can acknowledge? What energy, talents, and abilities do you have? Beyond what’s right or wrong, more “what you know” is true for you (which doesn’t mean it’s true for other people or that they are aware of it!). What can be created with that awareness?

What if we are waking up to different degrees to make another quantum leap that appeals to a broader group of people? You know, like when everyone thought the world was flat and then not? What if we are starting to tap into the illusions we have created in what we call our reality? And the abilities we have?

I wonder what can be created when we bust the matrix that holds the limitations of our reality and acknowledges our talents and abilities. In all areas, not just your abilities, energetically. To me, there is tons of space and freedom and possibility in not defining my reality; that and more is what I am inquiring into.

What do you like to inquire into to create more of whatever you desire to create? And what if it doesn’t need to be a “big thing”? A prayer? A walk? Meditation? What works for you?

Sometimes acknowledging the small stuff and what is working in your reality is all it takes; I wonder what that could create in your reality? What do you know? What abilities do you have that you have kept a secret? Do you have people to talk to that can hear you with no POV? Or would writing it all out on paper or your laptop/tablet/[…] be a contribution to you?

Have you heard the saying, “when one door closes, another one opens?” What if that is all completion is? A new beginning? Infinite possibilities to create something even yummier […] for you?

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