The power of releasing judgment

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The Power of Releasing Judgment

Four years ago, this book I co-authored was published (released Mar 15, 2016). A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of the book after hearing about another celebrity who had committed suicide after being judged by the media.

I’m not an expert on suicide, but I know what it feels like to lose hope, and I know that judgment kills.

Judgment is all around us, now more than ever; turn on the news or go online, and more time is spent on bullying than empowering people, which I find totally insane. 

It’s easy to pass judgment on other people’s behaviors instead of creating your own life. Many choose to remove themselves because of that, whether by suicide, isolation, drugs, or different ways. 

When you follow your inner awareness and focus on your creations, doing work you love, having fun, and being with people you enjoy hanging with, you don’t really have time to focus on what others do or don’t do.

We all make mistakes

When you’re in the public eye, you get judged harshly for some, one mistake, and you’re out.

It could be as simple as speaking up and offering a different point of view or being human and doing something many of us have done without being on camera.

I’m talking about the individuals who have a desire to spread love and make this planet a better place. Think of all the talented musicians we’ve lost over the years.

Listening to negative press creates nothing good for anyone. Follow your own awareness and truth.

Those of us labeled as sensitive souls feel the pain of the world, and for some of us, it gets to be too much as we tend to judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else could.

Why do some adults feel that it’s OK to bully? Could it be that the bullies are so miserable that they need to project their pain on others instead of dealing with it?

All I can say on this topic is —STOP IT

Get a life and create a life that inspires!

Start with being grateful for what you have every day. Seek help if needed, consider for a moment what legacy you want to leave behind, and let that guide you.

The book The power of releasing judgment” was a really interesting experience; we were 27 authors, each writing a chapter on our take on the topic at the time. We all offered many different tools to deal with this topic.

Many insights followed after writing this chapter for me. Personally, I would’ve dealt with the situations differently today, and that’s what growth is all about. We get insights and do the best we can with the information at hand at that moment.

It may not be an easy read for some; given the subject, you may want to read a chapter that interests you and then sit with it before reading another one. You will be left with insights and suggestions on actions you can take.

Always follow your inner guidance.

What can you create instead?

Looking at judgment from a different perspective is why we wrote the book.

Judgment creates nothing good unless you’re willing to speak up, take action, and show that there’s another option available.

When you believe the projections and beliefs of other people, it’s easy to get stuck in that space, especially if you start judging yourself.

We all have a choice in how we respond, and when people project stuff at you, it’s often more about them than you.

Use common sense

As I’m writing this, we’re in the midst of a pandemic with many POVs blended with facts and various decisions that will impact us all on many levels globally.

Even here, it’s about using common sense, listening to your inner guidance, washing your hands and staying home if you’re sick, feeling hesitant about whether you should go, or having a compromised immune system.

Connect with your customers, friends, and neighbors and see if you can be of assistance if you get stir-crazy sitting at home. Email, text, call, or connect via Zoom and similar platforms.

You can also use this time to tune within, meditate, clean your house literally (clear out closets and cabinets, organize your space to your liking), and maybe cook something new.

Take action on what you can do right now and plan ahead for all the action items you can take once the quarantine period is over.

It’s OK to have POVs; judging why and buying into fears keeps you stuck, so do your best to focus on what you CAN do.

What can you create today that will light your spirit up? Who can you connect with that would love to hear from you?

Sending you all good vibes, love & light.

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