Are you having fun at work?

by | Mar 8, 2020 | Strengths

The importance of workplace engagement

Gallup® polls and studies show that if you have a best friend at work, you will not only perform better, but you will also be more engaged. Actually, as many as 63% are more engaged or 7x more than the ones who do not.

Why is this important? Currently, 70% of the US workforce is NOT committed at work, and that affects not only company growth and well-being for all and it spills over to many other areas of life.

People leave managers, not companies

I’m sure you have experienced or know that. It becomes crucial investing in people that are actually suited for management knowing that, and the importance of this is too often ignored.

When we promote or hire people that are unsuitable for management, we create an unhealthy workplace that affects the well-being and performance of the team.

I’m not surprised by these stats, considering how much time many of us spend at work with our co-workers. It’s super important that you get along and spend time together in a healthy, fun, and empowering environment.

Are you having fun?

Having a best friend at work provides you with the “I have your back” kind of emotional support, doesn’t it?

I’m sure that you have been in work situations before where you had buddies and also when you didn’t.

Your strengths obviously influence your social and emotional needs. When you’re in sales, it’s key to have people to strategize with that get what you want to achieve.

So, what is it like in your company? Do you have a great buddy with whom you can brainstorm and be real, or are you surrounded by gossip central?

Having a buddy that has your back can make the difference whether you stay or leave your company.

It’s very interesting to me how quickly you can shift how you perceive a workplace when you have a team that is committed and energized.

One person can shift your experience.

Several of my life-long and strongest friendships came from people I worked with that became friends. The bond we created is alive long after we left the workplace where we met.

It’s really powerful to have friends with whom you have many things in common, and whom you also enjoy working with.

I’ve experienced different environments in my working life and currently have several people that are my buddies after a long dry spell, and boy, what a difference it makes.

What talents get nurtured at work?

One of my dominant talents is Relator®, and one thing many of us with this talent love is to work and play hard with friends we can trust. Without close friends at work, it’s easy to feel isolated and disconnected.

Do you have a Relator® as one of your dominant talents? How does it show up for you?

Which ones of your dominant talents do you lean into to connect with your co-workers?

No matter what your talents are, connecting with others is a need most of us have. Sitting alone on a mountaintop gets old and in sales you need people.

We spend way too much time at work to feel alone or isolated.

Having your BFF at work is a win-win; it helps create the momentum you need to get out and generate new sales. When you hit your targets, your company wins by hitting its revenue targets.

Read the blog below if you want some suggestions on what you can do to shift your work environment.

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