Your body is talking to you — are you listening?

by | Mar 1, 2020 | Access, Business, General

Many times throughout my life, I’ve had the experience of being in an illusion that I just can’t seem to get out of. It’s so easy to get stuck in mind games and ignore the body in the process until something happens.

We tend to take our bodies and health for granted, and then one day, we wake up to body pain, a condition, illness, or an injury that may occur as random or persistent. When that happens, do you stop and ask your body what it’s trying to communicate, or do you ignore it? 

Pain is one way the body communicates when we’ve ignored lighter signals. Another one could be as simple as heartburn, a pulled muscle, or headaches,…

When shit hits the fan, you often wish you would’ve listened, yet before you go to a conclusion, do you ask yourself if this “pain” is yours or who it may belong to? Or “who’s a pain in your life? “  See more here on heavy and light energy.

For some of you, asking that may occur as weird, but not to me. Our bodies are sensory and pick up all the points of view we have of it, and often what others think too. 

Think about things you’ve tried to change, and no matter what, nothing does. Could that be a sign that you’re trying to fix something that isn’t even yours to fix?

Do you have a healing body?

When we have healing bodies, we often pop into other people’s realities without being aware of it. It could be your spouse, partner, co-worker, friend, or a random stranger…

What if you simply asked, “Body, what’s up? What are you trying to communicate? Show me in a way that I can understand clearly.” 

You’ll often get some type of awareness; it could be an event that pops into your mind, a person, or an incident. Continue asking questions like “what is it all about ?” and “is there anything I can do to change this? If so, what do I need to do?” and listen without judgment.

My body has been really stiff in recent months. A sponsored ad for a workout that I’ve seen several times in the past year popped into my newsfeed after I asked that question, and guess what? That workout was exactly what my body required to start loosening up my stiff joints.

Simple things like moving your body make a difference. I think many of us sit way too much. I know I do.

What’s true for you and your body?

Who do you believe?

This is a tricky one. How many people do you listen to and believe and then try to replicate whatever that is? It could be, do this and get wealthy, or eat this and you’ll get fit, yet it doesn’t work for you.

You can Google most topics, and you’ll get different responses or fixes. The key to living a life you love is tuning into what YOU desire. That could mean that while you share some beliefs with others and many do not.

When you trust someone blindly, you bypass your own awareness.

I’ve done it many times until I didn’t, and that often came with the harder type of “lessons.” What came out of it was a reminder to listen to my body, inner awareness, and wisdom.

Wisdom comes with age

There’s a reason for the saying “wisdom comes with age,” after all. We can be young and ahead of our years in maturity but not in all areas of life, and that goes for all of us independent of age. Some never wake up to who they truly are, their greatness if you will, and stay stuck in various forms of “victim” mode.

I learned many years ago that if you’re complaining about anything and not taking action or owning your part, you’re being a victim. While it was a tough pill to swallow at the time, it’s easy to associate victim with the cliche of it, after all; I got it. 

Does that mean that I’ve always been in integrity? Heck no! I still put others before myself. I’m a work in progress like all of us. I love to grow though and seek experiences that help me expand as a person, and being happy is a priority. I pay attention to who I have around me.

Follow your inner nudges

I follow my inner nudges and take spontaneous actions in the areas I desire to explore, with many hits or misses, but I’ve had fun for the most part. There have also been tougher experiences. From it all, I’ve woken up more and more, stepped out of the matrix, can relate to others on a deeper level, and be a better guide. 

I’m naturally happy and see the good in people; some people think that’s naive — I think it’s one of my superpowers. It’s a choice—always. I stand for and believe that anything is possible, and many ask for someone to have their back, so it tends to work out.

I recently watched a really cool movie on Netflix called HEAL – check it out if it piques your interest, especially if you’re dealing with any health imbalances. Our health impacts our mojo, after all.

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