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by | Mar 6, 2015 | Access

I recently popped through a veil of sorts; another illusion busted, and with that, in action mode galore. It had me look at how much of this was me tapping into other people’s realities and once again buying it as mine. That is one of the things that never ceases to amaze me, how “psychic” we all are, and for me, it was my time to acknowledge that.

Are you aware of how you pick up the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others? Do you think it’s yours and act on it?

I’ve been in this amazing mastermind group for the past year, and during our one-week retreat, I snapped out of the space of the “waiting game.” This time it was an energetic release. What I mean by that is that I had been waiting for an internal energetic shift to occur. I’ve always been physically active, and in the past three years, I’ve taken long time-outs just not “feeling it.” So I would start & stop, which to me was a surreal shift in choice, and I couldn’t even push myself to exercise or eat differently. I asked my body many questions and realized now that I was more tuned into other people’s realities and choices than mine; cute, huh?

I did let go of a lot of the points of view and beliefs that I had taken on over the years in the process, which in itself was and is very freeing – I mean, when I say “health” or “healthy,” how many should and shouldn’t pop into your head? There is a lot of programming out there on what we are supposed to eat, be and do. And even if my body enjoys eating veggies, it also digs chocolate for one. What if that is not a wrongness? What makes your body thrive? What energizes it? Have you asked it?

To me, it’s a matter of balance. Following the guidance and desires of what my body would like to ingest, not starving it or overeating. Mixing a little bit of everything and drinking a lot of water. And moving my body.

As I have gotten older, I have realized how exercising functioned as an “energy cleanse” for me, walking into the gym stressed and leaving it happy and relaxed. When not exercising, I was aware of how different my choices were. And now that I am back in the zone, I feel connected with my body differently; I feel fit even if I’m not there yet on the exterior, and that is the mojo for me to get back into shape. I am also wondering what fun word I can use instead of exercise. Something in that word is occurring out of alignment with me now… body movement? Hmm, “POD & POC” all that.

What is your favorite body movement of choice? Do you like getting sweaty? How does that make you feel? Do you make different choices when you move vs. when you do not?

I replaced my “stylish” watch with a FitBit Charge HR at the beginning of the year, and it monitors steps, heart rate, sleep cycle, and more without having to “think” twice. It’s so ease-filled, and it has helped me get to the space I’m at now, starting slow with simply monitoring myself and then creating a game with targets like how many steps to walk each day. I quickly realized that most days, I was actually pretty active (10,000 steps) without effort just walking around. Now that I have added exercise to the equation, the steps and heart rate have increased, and I’m having even more fun with it.

What fun movement can you add to your day that would shift your body’s reality right away?

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