Are you distracting yourself from choice?

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Have you ever wondered or stopped yourself long enough to look at why you take actions that override what your body is asking for or what you desire to create in life?

I’ve been looking at that for a while in all areas of life and have found that distractions are one way we keep ourselves from being present with situations that may no longer work for us and that we are not ready to deal with.

It’s often in combination with having many balls in the air, aka “super active” or “stressed,” when we do not appear to have the space to stop, be/breathe, or ask questions and instead [re]act.

Do you catch yourself when you are in that mode?

So why do we procrastinate, and is that a way for us not to choose? Or is it that we are simply not ready, “waiting” for a message, feeling, answer, or …? Still, we make choices all the time, every day, on the fly, and I wonder how many of those are on autopilot? And what if distractions are part of the expansion of our awareness?

What if it’s just a fun game? Does it matter what we choose and how much of the distractions or waiting game is not even “our stuff” we are acting [out] on? YES! That is the part that I find so hilarious! Either way, sooner or later, for me, at least, I know I will get into the space of awareness and action.

Personal growth

I found Access Consciousness in 2011 after having spent most of my life exploring various modalities, including deep journeying on my own. I was fully aware of picking up other people’s thoughts, etc., but I was not aware of how many of the thoughts were not even mine that I thought were, which was very a hilarious and liberating discovery!

I have no regrets, though; I’ve had a lot of fun exploring with amazing experiences. Having played with many different teachings, I became aware that the messages ultimately had similarities but had different “packaging” and teachings from different perspectives or origins.

When I took the Landmark Forum many years ago, I got the power and experience of  “the blank canvas” (removing all the stuff from your past that you carry into your future) and what it was like to live a life without mind chatter, making things significant and a lot more. The “blank canvas” was a super profound experience, yet at that point in my life, I didn’t know that most of the mind chatter or past drama wasn’t even mine to clear!

Now, knowing that you have a choice, separating the meaning of what actually is yours (about 2%!!), acting on what is yours and releasing the rest, and ultimately having everything in life simply be “an interesting point of view,” or “blank canvas,” well that is both a very simple process and also something that takes ongoing practice to implement with infinite possibilities and choices available.

Life is filled with distractions and messages about what you are supposed to do. Very little communication is based on asking you to actually check in with you and ask what is true for you.

There’s a lot of programming, whether you listen to the news, watch a commercial, or are part of groups where “this is the way to be, think or act” focus on what’s right or wrong. So what can one do? Could these distractions be part of us expanding our awareness? So that we make a different choice next time?

What makes Access Consciousness (founded by Gary Douglas) so much fun [for me] is its ease and irreverence. You learn to ask questions that go way beyond agreed points of view, and you understand that you have a choice in each moment. (the classes are filled with laughter and fun)

You learn to shift from operating from conclusions and what other people say/think into simply asking expansive questions that increase your awareness. “Empowering people to know what they already know” is the tagline, which is just the starting point.

Imagine not having to analyze, answer or go deep and instead just asking open-ended, expansive questions, clearing the energy and shifting how you perceive whatever your question was all about. Imagine allowing people to be who they choose to be without a viewpoint. And yes, you also have a choice in whether you would like to interact with that person! Pretty radical, huh?

What if you followed what is light and true for you instead of heavy and not true? What if you included yourself in the equation? And knowing what is true for you could be different than it is for me? And what if asking questions could be fun and easily change your life? And what if it’s not about answering the question!?

What kind of world could we create if everyone woke up and felt amazing? Are you ready to tap into the magic capacities of the being that you are? If you are looking for a change and asking expansive questions sounds interesting, you may want to check out the book “Being You, Changing The World” with Dr. Dain Heer, or simply go to his website to explore further

Here are two fun and expansive questions for you: “What else is possible™?*” and  “How does it get any better than this™?*” These are great questions to ask yourself no matter what situation and mood you may be in. It shifts your focus and mindset into one of possibilities. Wanna try them out?

* Trademarks of Access Consciousness

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