What are you focusing on?

by | Nov 16, 2014 | Access

If you are reading this, you are probably aware that “what you focus on expands”? Have you ever looked at how even when we ask questions, we at times end up asking and focusing on “what’s not working” indirectly? It doesn’t necessarily show up that way which is why it at times takes a while before the awareness sinks in after all. And sometimes we need to hear it in a couple of different ways before the “aha, got it!” moment?

When we are shifting and changing a lot a simple question like “what can I be or do to create xx?” can shift from the coolest question to all of a sudden not, or vice versa, as the perspective and viewpoint have changed. And what actualizes the desired outcome for other people, doesn’t for you? The reasons can vary, everything from the target shifting, you not being a vibrational frequency match with the desired target at the moment and more. I just realized that it had me stuck in a loop of not making choices in the desired target areas.

It’s not that there is anything wrong with the question, rather than different questions unlock different areas for us all. And for me simply shifting the question to “Who am I being when I have what I desire?” was the expansive energy that all of a sudden shifted my focus to the energy that unlocked the loop.  I can now allow the energy of this question guide my awareness moment by moment. 

Would creating a business be more fun if you tapped into the energy of what it wanted to be and allowed the energy of the business guide your choices “in the now”? A simple twist in focus, and why I love looking for great questions as they have the ability to shift realities.

Let’s say you want to lose/gain weight, would your choices be different if you tapped into the body you desired and made choices from that space in the present? Have you ever tapped into why you desire to lose/gain weight? How would you feel? For me feeling yummy is one of the energies I tap into, how about you?

Would your choices be different if you tapped into “the feeling(s)” and made choices from that perspective? “What would be yummy to be or do today?”, “Will this expand the yumminess?”

Could just asking the questions bring in the energy? Would that impact your choices “today”? Could how we feel inside have anything to do with whether we reach our targets or not?

Have you ever had a dialogue with your body and asked it “body what do you require?”, “body would this choice expand the “xx” feeling? 

Our bodies are, after all, living organisms, and yet we do not necessarily treat them that way; I know I haven’t. Would you like to give it a try? For a day? A week? A month? I wonder what awarenesses that would that bring?

Who will you be when you have what you desire? What choice will you make? What choices can you make today?

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