Stepping up

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Access

Have you ever experienced an internal demand to just step up and take action, and then you still choose not to? You know that inner knowing of actions that your body or being really would be happy with? It could be that you simply do not even know what action to take so do you stop yourself, or you sense that it’s simply not time yet or maybe you go for it anyway? 

Have you ever asked yourself if that potent demand is yours or if you are acting out on someone else’s demand or point of view? That is where it gets interesting for me; the question “who does it belong to?®” can in itself clear a lot of thoughts and action items that don’t even belong to you  (more on that and other free tools can be found here)

Do you take a time-out now and then to get present to what your targets and priorities are? From an energetic perspective?

For me, I have a mix of tangible targets and other more fluid ones that simply just match the energy of “expansive yumminess, fun, play & laughter,” so, with most actions I take, I ask questions like, “If I choose this will it expand my targets?”, “Is now the time?”. I will get an instant hit of what’s true for me and act on it.

It doesn’t have to make any logical sense, and magic tends to happen in those moments. In the past, I would’ve simply referred to this as following my gut with Access Consciousness® it’s using the heavy or light tool. This tool works for anything in life; yeah, it can be that easy; wanna try it?

The bottom line for me is to simply choose something and then let the energy go and move on. Often what I am being guided to is a soft or quiet knowing that is so easy to ignore or override, especially if it doesn’t make sense. So some days I take action and other times not. The fun thing for me is when I’m on a roll of simply choosing whatever pops into my head that is expansive; I get on a natural high.

So speaking of “stepping up,” a couple of days ago, a new gym opened with such great energy that my body and being were literally jumping up & down inside, so after taking a tour through the gym, I signed up. I had seen flashes of promotions a couple of times in the month before its opening, and the energy was pulling me to check it out. 

After working out at home for the past couple of years, I welcome the social aspect that the gym brings me, and seeing the energy of what I was looking for finally actualize and match is so much fun! After making this choice, that energy continued to expand all weekend long with expansive conversations and activities. How does it get any better than that?® So much fun! Things like this inspire me to step up more in my life.

So what choice or action can you take that has been pulling you? Is now the time? If you are interested in playing with expansive questions in a big group, my friend Cory created a private Facebook group called the Crazy Possible Experiment™ that you can join if that sounds fun. I find it so energizing to play full out and just read what people are asking and choosing.

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