What frequencies are you craving?

by | Oct 20, 2019 | Strengths

I was just listening to a clip on YouTube where the discussion was about the foods we choose to eat. You can replace that with anything in life; the bottom line is, “what are you craving?” and the choices you’re making related to that. It was an interesting question because by inquiring into what eating “X” is making you feel, even for a split-second, or five-minute enjoyment, you’re reaching for something that gets fulfilled at that moment.

When you lose your mojo, you’re operating at a lower frequency than what you identify as your normal self. David Hawkins, Abraham-Hicks, Solfeggio, Maslow, and several other teachings have great examples and illustrations of what different frequencies look, feel, and sound like. So what if it’s as simple as looking at how let’s say, eating this item will make you feel to identify the current gap you’re trying to fulfill?

While you may have lost your mojo, it could be in one area only, ranging to several or all areas of your life. What if you looked at those areas one by one and asked yourself, “what alignment am I craving right now?” and, “what will this craving satisfy in me?” By looking at one of the frequency scales, you’ll be able to identify the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. Skipping what’s in between will just create a temporary patch.

Find your truth

When you lose your mojo, it’s simply about you operating at a lower frequency level where you don’t feel aligned with who you see yourselves as, your identity, or “best self” mode. It’s not that complex, yet we often miss that minor fact when we’re in the midst of drama. What we eat, for example, we often have judgments on what the “right” food is, and there’s certainly tons of marketing around us stating different solutions on what’s healthy, often contradicting each other.

When you try a bunch of external solutions and still don’t get the desired results for more than a blip of time, it’s easy to sink to a lower vibe or stay stuck at whatever that frequency level is while internally knowing that something else is possible. It’s easy to get lost in rabbit holes; the illusions can appear very real when the frequency is low. When we operate at higher frequencies, nothing gets to us — we create our flow and path with ease.

Losing your mojo in one area could be an isolated event or affect multiple or even all areas of your life. It wasn’t until pretty much every area of my life crashed at the same time that I lost my mojo.

There’s no right or wrong; we have different levels of awareness depending on what we experience at our normal frequency level. The people we hang around will mimic our state of mind, so if it’s not working for you, it’s a great wake-up call for action.

The same goes with a company’s culture — when there’s a disconnect between what you see as possible and where your company wants to go, whether it’s top-level or your peers. Use it as a wake-up call to inquire within and see if it’s as simple as your frequencies not jiving and that it’s not really what’s right or wrong, but more, what’s right and true for you. Are you drawn to be around serious people or having a laugh with people and a lighter vibe?

How’s Your Heart

I recently attended a workshop with an old friend of mine, Boise Thomas, and he has created a program called “How’s your heart,” which takes you through the gaps and ends with you being clear on what you’re uniquely here to contribute and create. In it, he takes you on a deep dive through a series of questions to the awareness of what that means for you.

Since we’re all unique, our strengths offer insights into the HOW, and as I discussed in Do You Know What Your Purpose is and Why?, there’s also the Why Stack “Our WHY – Why we do what we do, HOW we express that, and WHAT that opens up for us to express.”

From what I can gather, the “how’s your heart” program helps you clarify what that “what” is in more detail. Stay tuned for more info as I go through this process myself. I, for one, crave continual personal growth and expansion to be more woke, and I then bring this awarenesses to those in my communities seeking that too.


What’s the contrast to all this? Judgment. If you think of it, why have you been stuck? We all have our beliefs, truth, and judgments on what we perceive to be the ideal food, life, or world for us, which is as unique as your strengths. Basically, what is your definition of success?

Depending on where and how you grew up in the world, you form beliefs with the highs and lows we all experience. You listen to other people and marketing messages that can confuse you further if you’re unclear on what works for you.

Some of us challenge our beliefs; others simply comply or rebel internally, which can create health issues unless you find a way to stay balanced inside no matter what happens around you [hint operating at a higher frequency].


What I have found to be true is that it’s all about balance in everything I do. It could be, being very active and also needing to chill. It could be that it’s my personal limit to how much I can receive or my body, yet for me, that has more to do with lower frequency limits than higher.

When you feel awesome and operate at a higher frequency, there are no limits whatsoever, it’s a natural high that gets better and better, and that is what I know to be true and where I have been operating more frequently until I didn’t.

There is value in experiencing the full frequency range as you learn to appreciate each step, surrender, and get lighter in the process. There are no limits to what we can create, no matter what happens around us.

Connect to your true self, the successful, happy version of you, and let that guide you.

What alignment are you craving right now?

What feel-good action inspires you and moves you closer to that energy frequency? What do you know is possible for you and this world?

Comment below; I’d love to know. Have a fantastic week!

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