Inspiring sounds

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Access

What comes to mind for you when I say “inspiring sounds”? It can be a multitude of sounds, after all. Music is one [obvious] source and choice for many. I love all kinds of music and listen to different styles depending on what mode and mood I desire to create. And then there are drums… yum! I also love the sound of “silence”; I tap into that space [zone] a lot at work when I design via the computer.

The sounds of nature: birds singing, wind blowing, rain falling, waves crashing, leaves dancing, crickets singing, and [—]? The space that nature provides is priceless to me. Do you enjoy nature?

My most played song on iTunes is a recording of waves crashing outside the villa that a group of us stayed at in Sayulita, Mexico, earlier this year. We had a very powerful week there, and I tuned into the powerful energy of the waves, which created zen for me in so many ways. I’ve had this short clip loop ever since, 55,800 plays and counting 🙂

From this space, I was inspired to transform my home into the beach house I desired, and I still have a ways to go. With the sound of the waves playing almost 24/7, my body & being is happy and experiencing the illusion as real, and every week the interior transforms. I now feel like I am living by/on the beach; pretty cool, huh?

I still go down to the ocean now and then as, ultimately, it’s there where I desire to live. I have noticed not crave the beach as much, and I know the inspiring sounds of the ocean waves have contributed to that. So until I move, I’m having the yummy beach vibe at home and now enjoy and appreciate my space more than I have in the past 8 years. 

What this sound has created and generated for me is tapping into the zone where I access creative ideas and non-stop action mode. I wonder if it could be a contribution to you too? Click below to listen to the waves and see what it evokes for you.

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