Gratitude and more

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Access

The power of gratitude never ceases to amaze me. From one moment to the next, you can shift the focus of an apparent judgment by simply asking, “what can I be grateful for right now?”.

Other times while it’s an easy action, you still go down the rabbit hole feeling judged and [head/heart/crotch] tripping about yourself, someone, or something. So now what? A timeout may, of course, often be the ideal scenario, and when that is not an option? 

Once I catch myself and realize that I got hooked, I tend to take a couple of deep breaths and move my body which in itself creates space. I then drop my barriers and imagine my inner space increasing beyond this planet and start to ask questions. Dropping my barriers allows the energy projected at me to flow right by. Asking questions allows me to be or shift into a state of gratitude with ease.

Questions like “who does this belong to? Is this even mine?“ [Hint: if you perceive heavy energy when asking this, it’s not yours, meaning that you picked it up from someone else and can simply say “return to sender with awareness attached”].

It’s very interesting to me how little actually belongs to me… When that question doesn’t clear things asking “what’s right about this that I’m not getting?” or “Interesting point of view I/he/she/they have this point of view” [repeat as needed] tends to unhook me and also allow me to receive the awareness of what’s going on.

Who we keep close to us is important, and we live on a planet with 7.3 billion people, so unless we plan on sitting on a mountaintop, then maybe using empowering tools would be beneficial. There are so many to choose from; pick one that works for you! 🙂

It’s in recent years that I have started to acknowledge how much I pick up from people around me and how crazy it now appears that I ever bought them as mine; wow! The energy of some people demanding your attention or getting sucked into browsing the Internet and watching TV! 

How often do you speak up or excuse yourself and simply walk away from conversations without making yourself wrong? No matter who it is or why? Or turn off the TV/smartphone when or before you get the awareness of “enough already!”? Would you be willing to if it gave you the space to be and regroup if only for a few minutes?

It’s so easy to get hooked and lose focus on what’s important to you when you are around people with different styles and needs of communication. On the other hand, is giving up who you are and your contribution to this world “worth it” for you or anyone else?

It’s easy to take things personally when someone close to you appears to critique or project judgment towards you and what I have found is the more I can be with the judgment without getting hooked, the more I have of me.

What are the triggers, really? Programmed points of views tied to values and beliefs that were not necessarily ours to begin with. Do you ever stop and ask yourself when you get triggered if the belief/value is actually yours?

It’s not necessarily comfortable to be vulnerable when people don’t get you and have an opinion about who you are or should be, and remember that’s THEIR POV. That is when dropping your barriers and receiving the judgment ends up being something really empowering  [See this awesome video with Blossom illustrating this]. As with most things in life, practice helps 🙂

What would it be like if we all could drop our barriers, be space and stay grateful no matter what? What kind of world would we be able to create? We do have the power to choose, after all, no matter what, in every moment and then choose something different. And when you can be you no matter what, start tapping into gratitude for the person, situation, what happened/said, etc. wow! To continually focus on receiving & clearing the energy and then shifting that into gratitude presents many possibilities.

So who or what can you be grateful for right now? What can you be grateful for about YOURSELF and YOUR BODY right now?

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