Spontaneity and waiting games

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Access

Having always had a bit of a spontaneous person, I gained the awareness early on that if a possibility in front of me seemed fun and I jumped on it, it tended to be a great choice for me and when I was wishy-washy it really didn’t work for me.

While it was easy to say “no” if it was only for me, the journey of learning to say “no” with other people involved “when I didn’t have a good excuse” took its time.

A couple of days ago I was asked to be a co-author of a book that is being published soon. It took on a life of its own and I went from questioning whether I actually had something to contribute, to the chapter writing itself in a few hours. Spontaneity in action. The chapter said yes to being in the book before I did, and the excitement I tapped into of the possibility of this book was a clear “yes”.

I still have no clue what the chapter will contribute to the readers, wonder if its good enough, has a message and all that external noise that is so easy to tap into, yet what I do know is that it was fun writing it and that I didn’t move until I was done writing it. Things are not that logical in my world anymore. I’ve learned to trust the energy and tap into my awareness and allow that to guide me one moment at a time.

In contrast, I’ve been in a waiting game loop for some time trying to “figure out” what I’m here to contribute on this planet wondering why I’m really here (small questions I know). So when a book chapter writes itself in a few hours it has me wonder if that was one of the invitations that I was waiting for and what I can receive next?

So maybe I was just ahead of myself? I’ve known for years that I have a couple of books in me waiting to be created yet didn’t get the inspiration to take action nor did I have a clear topic in mind. And now by just taking this action and daring to leap, I know will open me up to more fun possibilities. I welcome the kickoff to leap into action again, as that is how I used to create my life up until a few years ago.

I’m also so present to the contribution of adding new people to my life that expands it. You know people that desire to contribute to you, see your brilliance with no point of view, expose you to new values & beliefs (whether you agree or not), ideas, and more just from the energy exchanges, dialogues, and how each person chooses to interact with us.

As I was in the waiting game I still took other actions. For one I’ve done several space clearings in my home, trashing and giving away so much stuff that no longer was needed. The shift that has been created in my life is amazing, and I’ve never been much of a clutter person, to begin with! All of a sudden my home is easier than ever to “manage”, freeing up a lot of “time” for me. I know for sure that all the new possibilities that have come into my life since are a result of that space clearing/decluttering!

What fun are you creating for yourself?

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous Abundantly Fun and Inspiring 2016! Woohoo!

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