Vibing for success

by | Jan 30, 2022 | Business, General, Strengths

You know how some people always seem to have flow in life and business? Everything they touch turns to gold and they’re creating success with ease. On the outside, it seems like it all comes so easy for them. Few know what it took to get “there” until a book or interview is released, rarely is it an overnight success. So, what is the secret?


Before you get started you need to define what success truly looks like for you. Money is something you currently need to pay for your living expenses that make life easier. How much do you need for that? Often it’s not about millions.


Some successes create wealth, others offer different levels of satisfaction, wisdom, and expertise. Being truly happy is something you can’t put a price tag on or fake. Having money makes it easier for sure but it isn’t always the end goal or focus.


Here are some areas that I know for sure are part of the equation for myself and many others.

You have your own back, put yourself first, and ask for what you want. Let’s face it, people can always say no but if you don’t ask, you won’t know

You’ve taken the time to get clear on who you are, what your targets are, why it’s important, and what you’re going to do once you make it happen

You’re excited about and have aligned with your vision—you’re clear in what you want to create, follow your instincts, and take actions that move you closer to that vision

You clear your mind—you take the actions daily to release any drama from the day – work or business

You move your body. Working out is not just about fitness and health, it also benefits your mental health positively. Moving your body distracts your mind and makes you feel good too. Next time you’re feeling stuck, take a walk around the house or block, or exercise. Ideas often flow as you do

You focus on what you desire and look for more of that

You’re committed to your vision and don’t give up. Sometimes our visions change, so check in along the way and make tweaks and pivots as needed

You celebrate your successes and milestones along the way in a way that nurtures you—woohoo!

You honor how you best create— many of you are non-linear creators so honor that and make it a fun journey

What else would you add to this?


All this to say that when you’re in the flow and are connected to your vision, even if it’s just a feeling, stay connected to your vision, taking actions that include your well-being, you will continually raise your vibe. When your vibe is in alignment with your ask aka your vision, it can happen.

We live in an abundant universe. We make choices every day that create more of what that is. In other words, if you want to be happy, hang around people, do stuff, and listen to and watch programs that create more happiness.

I’ve found that when you get stuck—head-tripping—and can’t figure out or lose your vision, it’s often because you go too big too fast, focus on the reasons why it’s not a good idea, or listen to people that don’t get the possibilities you see. Well, it’s your dream and vision and every successful person forged a new path despite other people’s judgment.

Choose you first, be yourself, stay true to your dreams. You’ll be able to share so much more of yourself when you’re happy with who you are and aligned with the vibe of you and your vision.

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