The choices you make

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Do you have the ability to laugh at yourself and the choices you make? See the humor and ultimately have gratitude for the experience and new awarenesses? I recently closed a chapter of what at times occurred as an interesting 24/7 boot camp experience. It was one of those “reason” types of experiences that totally did not show up as expected.

I’m a big believer in empowerment and this journey challenged my beliefs in many ways. This ultimately forced me to step into my power and chose for me no matter what that looked like, all while using every tool I’ve ever received to continually expand and be reminded how important daily laughter is to me.

I’m in gratitude for all of it, as what has come out of this experience are some major awarenesses of who I am, what’s important to me, what I stand for, bring and believe is possible, desire to create, with whom AND a new appreciation for what I have created as my life so far, how does it get any better than that?! That to me is the gold, the silver lining that I now acknowledge that I find in any experience I have/had.

This time it took creating an experience with someone who could not receive, hear, or rarely get me at all, and who at times, did. Someone where I could experience growth way beyond my comfort zone and observe closely how different choices create, how dramatic life can become if we get hooked into other people’s drama, using every tool I could think of to stay neutral while being questioned and at times choosing to let things be messy.

I’ve worked closely with men for the better part of my adult life so to not be understood was a new situation for me. What eventually dawned on me was that it wasn’t necessarily what I said, it became apparent that it was a combination of my perspectives and the energy I was being. Speaking the same language yet for all I know I could’ve spoken Martian.

Once it dawned on me that it wasn’t about me it turned comical! It started out as a fun experiment until it was clear that the contrasting realities clashed more often than not and a different choice was made. Can you relate? Do you allow yourself to make a different choice when things are no longer working for you? When it’s inconvenient yet you know something needs to change? Even when you see possibilities of what could be, yet know it’s not now? Do you prioritize your happiness or do you choose to give your power up for someone else?

That I’m different is something I’ve been aware of all my life and it’s worked to my advantage most of the time.  I move fast, wake up happy with myself and my life most days, energized, excited, and ready to create my day. I love to laugh, talk and have explorative conversations. I now get how important it is for me to invite & choose energetically compatible people into my life.

Even when I’m surrounded by drama I will find something positive, an awareness will emerge. While I can be with different people, it is not necessarily kind to me to have people close to me where there is not an energetic match and harmony present. I prioritize joy and laughter too much to give up and just expressing it on the inside doesn’t really work for me.

Does suppressing who you are because someone else can’t receive you or circumstances around you deem it not be appropriate, work for you?  I am clearer than ever how life is just a moment-by-moment choice, no matter what goes on around us, we all have free will to participate and create, or not. What if the kindest action we can take at times is to “stop it” and walk away?

Can you balance the demands of others with your needs?

Who are you choosing to be?

What are you choosing to create?

What energizes you?

Have you laughed today? 

Would watching STOP IT be a contribution? 😉

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