What are you passionate about?

by | Aug 16, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

Let’s face it; our current reality is a bit drab with its restrictions and closures. Depending on your industry, company, or where you live many of you are in moods ranging from boredom to tragedy. 

Some businesses are booming with products that are in demand, and others are closing their doors for good with the forced restrictions.

We’re in the midst of a global shift into something completely new. No matter what the collective narrative ends up being or when the conversation shifts into a more empowering one, you can still create your own.

While you may be distracted or hooked into all the noise around you, what if you tuned out long enough to focus on what’s important to you?

What gets you really excited?

We’re all called to take action in different areas of life, and your natural talents and strengths help you understand how you approach it instinctively.

When was the last time you explored your passions?

What did you love to do as a kid? Were you outside rain or shine, playing sports, out in nature creating adventures and maybe even climbing trees? Or did you prefer to be indoors drawing, putting together puzzles, crafting something, reading, or a mix of all?

What were your favorite TV shows? Games? Things to do?

While your adult version may look different, remember that kid inside is still very much alive, filled with hopes and dreams?

Now, you don’t need to take a deep dive into your childhood, simply think back to the activities that were fun and write them down

Are you still dreaming as boldly as you did as a kid?

15 years ago or so, I got this book called the Passion Test. I remember being on fire, on a natural high while doing each of the exercises in the book. I got so many new insights about dreams and desires I had that were previously hidden from my view. I ended up sharing it with many friends in my community, guiding them through the book’s processes. Helping them connect to their passions was so much fun, and is what has become my passion in life as a coach via a variety of teachings.

Today, I was reminded about it again via GeniusU which is a global entrepreneurial platform with more than 1.1 million people engaged and counting. Via this platform, you have access to a bunch of micro degrees that are free to get you started. 

One of the mini-courses included for free at GeniusU is – Your Passions. Turns out that The Passion Test partnered with GeniusU, how cool is that?

This course helps you identify your top 5 passions and then takes you through the steps of what’s important to you and how you focus on your priorities. Check it out. 

You can also find out more via The Passion Test website.

Strengths – Passions – Purpose

As a strengths coach, I look at how passions play with strengths. As you dive deep into your strengths you find guidance on your purpose, the same goes for your passions.

Going back to the activities that energized you as a kid, are you still doing some of them? If not, did you find something that evoked a similar feeling?

Look at what you’re currently energized by and see how many of your dominant talents are engaged when you do this activity. Cool huh?

Whether you’re a salesperson working for someone else, or simply see life as a game of sales, there are drivers behind many of our actions that stem from our passions.

Why does this matter? When you’re tuned into your passions and purpose and use your natural talents you’ll feel fantastic no matter what the circumstances look like around you. 

When you feel fantastic and take the actions that come naturally, you’ll create a life you may have never thought was possible.

How do you create it? 

Use your dominant strengths, identify what activities nurture and ignite each of them. Your dominant talents tend to be your top 10-14 which you can explore on your own after taking the CliftonStrengths® assessment or hire a coach to guide you.

What do you focus on? 

Focus on your big picture purpose and passion.

There are many assessments and books on the topic, your strengths offer you personalized guidance that focuses on your greatness.

Feeling connected to who you are at your best brings hope. When you have hope you can more easily stay connected to your passions even when there are distractions or like now, a global pandemic.

Why not feel great and spread the love and good vibes as kitschy as it may sound. It beats listening to the news for one!

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