Hypnosis – what’s the big deal?

by | Nov 17, 2019 | Business, General

Many people are familiar with hypnosis from watching some stage hypnosis show where people do silly stuff; I’m not talking about that. There are many facets to hypnosis as well as teachings.

I like to describe hypnosis as a guided meditation. You have total control and the choice of whether you follow the guidance, and you can hear every word spoken in a very relaxed state of mind.

The scenes you’re guided through often include plenty of room for each individual to envision the dreamscape in a way that works for them. In other words, there’s plenty of room for interpretation as far as what things look like. You get to tap into your memories and apply your ideal scenes, which is why it’s so powerful.

It’s very relaxing

Change happens while you’re in this relaxed state, which is why transformation happens with little effort.

You’re in dialog with your unconscious mind

Think about that. The reasons we fail to hit targets if we are in action are often due to our tendency to sabotage ourselves. Let’s say you want to build a fit body that requires consistent actions with movement and food choices. Maybe you follow the plan the first week or month, and then you start skipping days, and before you know it, you’re completely off.

Chris Howard, by who I was certified in transformational hypnosis, gave us this great analogy:

“Think of your conscious mind as the captain of a ship, and the unconscious mind as the crew, who controls the ship?”

You might want to say the captain, but does the captain do anything else but give the order? So, if the ship doesn’t turn or operate as you desire, there’s either a mutiny or the captain not communicating clearly and the crew needing more information.

Your body works the same way. Just think about all the functions our body takes care of without you even having to think about it. That’s the power of the unconscious mind, and that is the part of you that you access when you’re in this relaxed state.

Things change fast

Because you can talk to your unconscious mind without judgments, there is a choice involved. Your body has a desire to help, as does the unconscious mind.

You’re in total control

As mentioned above, you hear everything spoken, and if you disagree, you’ll awaken or question the information. That’s why a hypnosis session includes a chat before where targets are established so that the guided journey applies to you.

You’re safe

There is nothing that will be done to you. The hypnotist offers suggestions that you then interpret and either agree with or not. It’s similar to reading a book or watching a movie; how we experience the story and journey is individual.

Now, why is this all important? Ultimately, your well-being is at stake when you don’t listen to or communicate with your body. The signals may be subtle until they’re not, and symptoms or dis-ease show up. The same goes with dreams and targets; forgotten or not, hypnosis makes it easier for you to access what that looks like.

The bottom line is, why not establish a line of communication focused on what you desire to create and then go from there?

For more information on hypnosis, look no further than the Mayo Clinic.

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