What are you looking for?

by | Jun 21, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

As a seeker, you’ll know what I’m talking about; this need to continually grow, whether it’s through experiencing stuff with people, buying new stuff, or simply removing stuff that no longer serves you…

Recently, as I was waking up one morning I was musing about the couch that is currently being built for me, and I started thinking about how many I’ve gone through in the past 26 years, leading me to look at cars, beds, and more. 

In retrospect, you can look back and gain new insights into why you made the choices at the time, the lessons learned, and who you’ve become. Isn’t that what life is all about – when we know better we do better?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” —Maya Angelou

Are you a seeker?

For many years I was looking for something I couldn’t put my finger on. I was inspired by future possibilities (#futuristic), taking impulsive actions (#activator), listening to my inner guidance (#self-assurance), and one moment at a time (#adaptability). Just to name a few of my CliftonStrengths® talents. 

Which talents have you leaned on as a seeker?

When you’re a seeker, you love change, many actively look for it even when things don’t go as you planned, afterward that might become the story you end up sharing with others for years to come.

Exploring, whether internally by reading books that interest you, trying a variety of introspective teachings, or externally through traveling and experiencing different cultures and countries, is something that ongoingly captures your attention.

For many, sitting still for too long can wear on the soul unless you’re on an internal journey meditating, or similar, where time ceases to exist.

When you’re a seeker, you’ll never stop being curious or having a desire to look for adventure; it’s just part of who you are. It energizes you.

What have you learned?

We all have access to our inner wisdom. Are you tuning within to reflect on your insights? As you get older and wiser you may realize that all the external changes in your life originate from within.

When you listen to your inner voice and it feels good (I’m not talking about the inner critic), you learn to trust yourself and make choices that honor you which helps create a life where you thrive.

What thriving looks like is different for us all. When you’re sick, being healthy is your priority. When you don’t have X, creating X may become the focus.

When you challenge a seeker some react, and others get busy creating whatever you said couldn’t be done.

Priorities may change as you grow, have a family, or have other responsibilities where you may or may not hit the pause button temporarily, you will still have a need to explore.

Whatever you’re seeking, there’s a feeling behind it. Seeking wealth? What will wealth create for you? What are you able to do with the wealth that you can’t when you don’t have it?

In the end, feeling whatever you’re seeking in the external world internally is what creates a life of [X]. What you focus on you create. How much of your time is spent on autopilot vs. focused intent to create X? It’s so easy to get distracted.

How does this apply to your business, you may wonder?

When you’re satisfied, you’ll create a more empowering experience for those you interact with during the day.

When you’re in an environment where growth is encouraged, people are self-expressed in an empowered way, and your business and everyone in it will grow.

You may not see what your smile, laughter, listening, and generosity of spirit create for the people that you interact with the moment after you leave them, but it could be the spark of light they needed at that moment.

Understand that your appetite to continually explore benefits your customers. You may have different perspectives, and you’ll continually add something new to their world.

As many have stated before me, at the end of the day, as you’ve been laid to rest, it’s not your titles or positions that people remember; it’s how you made them feel.

Now, having said that, people will not always get your well-intended ideas or advice. When that’s the case, listen carefully and ask for permission as much as you can before sharing.

Surround yourself with people and clients that understand and appreciate you even if they don’t agree or make the same choices.

And how about personal relationships?

Many couples have opposite personalities, needs, wants, and more. Others who find their soulmate may align, share more interests and agree more often, and at the end of the day are still individuals with different needs and journeys. 

Some of you have kids, you take on different roles, and then the kids grow up, move out, and you may find yourself in a space where you no longer know who you are.

Why is this relevant? Well, if you’re a seeker and in a relationship with someone who wants everything to stay the same, you may set yourself up for continual disappointments. Some say that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. I disagree.

If you’re a seeker, find someone who loves that part of you that either is game to go with you, gets you to expand even further, or lives vicariously through you. 

How we seek, in other words, how adventurous you are, can vary depending on what areas you choose to explore. Not all seekers are alike, after all.

You can be an adrenaline junkie throwing yourself off a bridge, bungee jumping or an internal seeker, and anything in between.

Most seekers will express themselves in some way; hello, creative beings!


How are you seeking and exploring? What fun adventures have you been on to date? What’s next for you?
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