Space and choice

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Access

Today, I’m so present with the power of choice and the space it creates. What if making a choice was just good for 10 seconds, and then you get to choose again? What would that create in your life and reality?

What if being space and choosing to be with that inner spaciousness of no mind chatter is a way to create from? And what if meditation is not required to be in that space? What if it’s just about clearing the energy in the way of feeling that? What if you can hold space even when surrounded by chaos? And what if talking about it is not required?

In the past two months, I’ve been in the space of potent creation, transforming my home into the vibe of the beach house I desire to live in, moving my body, completing projects, giving away or trashing stuff that is no longer working for me, still while working full time, being in a mastermind program, playing with Jennifer Butler and a small group on the topic of dressing with intention, traveling, being social and also spending a lot of time on my own and loving it.

I know that I am in the process of creating something really fun. And what I am creating this time I only have the energies of; there are no words that can describe it. What I feel like when I tap into it, it’s just one of those beyond situations that I tend to play with, outside-the-box play, one step at a time with no attachment to anything, staying present and aware as much as I can, and blogging!

It’s so much fun to play outside the box of this reality when you tap into the space of beingness and create from a non-linear space. Walking in the unknown, I’ve found, is the space where possibilities can show up that you never considered and that you tend to miss when you are focused on things showing up in a particular way. And sometimes, that is created by simply going for a rollerblade, playing a sport, or anything that requires you to be totally present.

What is your awareness activity of choice? Do you find yourself getting ideas and inspiration during/after? Do you experience a “natural high” in your body when you move, participating in activities that inspire you? Do you spend time outdoors and connect with the trees, grass, and animals? Do you have more inner space when you make a choice to move your body?


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