Are you communicating the energy of you?

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Do you like to create different outfits? Have you ever considered taking pictures of yourself in outfits where you know you look fabulous to see what the magic formula is for you? Or do you avoid mirrors & cameras and just pick something?

Do you know what your outfits and color choices say about you? And what does this have to do with space?

When I was in my 20s, I used to say I felt “tanned” when I wore colors that I later found were jiving with my essence (even if it was winter and I was pale). Yet I also wore clothing in colors that were in fashion that didn’t work for me, and I had a lot of clothes (“It was on sale!”) that I never seemed to wear or feel good in.

Many years later, the “I feel tanned” colors and some new surprise colors ended up on my personal color palettes when I found Jennifer Butler Living Colors. Now all the colors in my closet work together, and I feel great wearing them.

I stick to colors that compliment me, and my closet energizes me. And yes, there has been an ongoing process of releasing in this work, too, as we shed what’s not working for us and step into the powerful beings we are. Taking pictures of myself in various outfit combos objectively trained my eyes to see what worked for me.

Imagine communicating who you are without uttering a single word. Wearing colors & designs that communicate the essence of who you are, that match your energy, skin, hair, and eyes? That initially attracted me to this work more than 10 years ago.

People will be drawn to you no matter what when you have amazing energy and/or body. What else could it create for you and your life if the colors you wore matched your energy, style, and personality while also listening to your body’s desires? Who would you attract into your life?

I have so many colors to choose from, and I still follow the energy of what my body would like to wear daily. And as my awareness of myself has expanded, so has my wardrobe and how I choose to combine my outfits. It’s always changing, just as I am.

It’s beyond fashion while looking at style and creating combinations that look smashing for you and the energy you are. And continue wearing your colors whether in season or not (for most of us, there is always at least one color each season). And being willing to be seen as people will notice you in a different way. That, to me, creates a lot of space to be.

It’s no coincidence that I’m now in the fine-tuning stage with my clothing & accessories, adding new elements like patterns and texture, as that is where I’m currently in most areas of my life. It’s powerful stuff that supports all that I am and do.

It feels so great to look and feel great even when you’re out of shape, which is another strength of this teaching.

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