The energy and meaning of money

by | May 4, 2015 | Access

Isn’t it interesting how one word can have so much energy around it? You either have the money or not. Some have too much to spend/invest/contribute, others too little or nothing. And then there’s all the meaning we have around this topic and all the judgments we have about people that have money.

What if that alone is what is holding us back from receiving money?

If money is “the root of all evil,” – would you ever be able to receive money? Kind of funny, huh? And then there is the awareness of what we know is possible, and somehow we still do not tap into the flow of receiving money; why is that?

I’m about to embark on another class where the topic is “money,” creating more of it and releasing all the limiting beliefs, values, etc., that are holding me back from receiving the massive amounts I desire. As with all things in life, what we focus on expands; in other words, what’s stopping us (excuses) will surely show up (my IPOV).

I know I’ve used [not enough] time and/or money as excuses for many things in life – buying into “working hard for the money” and other silly beliefs and I, for one, am ready to release that once and for all and create something more fun, inspiring and ease filled.

A guy like Sir Richard Branson really inspires me; he has always done his own thing despite people’s judgment and has created a fun life on his terms that has inspired so many other people on this planet. That has me wonder how much I’ve been holding back my gifts and talents, the full potency of who I am, and my contributions to this planet. And for what insane reason?

Have you considered the contribution and impact more money could have in your life beyond the cost of living? How much fun would it be to receive more money than you could ever spend? Imagine the impact you could make! I am ready to receive more – bring it on! 🙂

So, as I embark on this money journey, more on this topic will, in all likelihood, show up in future blogs. Would you like to join the class? (starting May 6 with amazing facilitators Cory & Katherine – it’s only $297 for 10 weeks, how awesome is that?!). And if now is not the time, here are a couple of questions (courtesy of Access Consciousness®) that you can ask yourself if you are game to shift your relationship with money:

  • What have you made so vital about working hard for the money that’s keeping you from creating money from the joy of being you?
  • What does money mean to you? What’d be possible beyond this?
  • What capacity are you refusing that if you chose, it would actualize as more money than God?

How much fun can money add to your life?

Imagine being able to contribute to this planet on a grander scale. It certainly beats not having money from my POV! What would you create? What would you contribute? What inspires you? Where would you focus your attention?

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