Being irresistable

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Business, General

Being in an inquiry is fun when exploring new ideas and concepts. The same goes when you embody the energy and invite people to be playful and excited. Great brainstorming sessions go with the flow and are fun without pressure to generate the most groundbreaking ideas. Too often, politics get in the way instead of making it a fun game and including people who volunteer ideas independent of their role on the team.

You inspire others

When you’re being yourself and are connected to your vision and articulate it in a captivating way, inviting others to contribute, you inspire people into action.

You’re filled with passion and charisma; one characteristic that makes you unique is your interest in the people you interact with, which positively contributes to the business. When you embody this irresistible energy, people are drawn to you even when they can’t pinpoint why. Are you one of these leaders?

Often as a visionary, you get hit over the head as you see a future, a possibility that others don’t, and even when you speak about it, you get met with resistance; why? Many people are often resistant to change and need hardcore data before getting convinced, don’t allow them to stop you. Focus on the people that are eager and interested in engaging, and the rest will follow with time.

Change comes easy to you

It often takes something dramatic to occur for the masses to get in action, yet for you, all it takes is the energy of a possibility or instinct to get you moving.

Being curious and an explorer is a great asset no matter what people around you may try to project. You learn when you’re in action when unforeseen opportunities often present themselves out of thin air.

Look at the world leaders and entrepreneurs who have positively impacted the planet that inspire you. It wasn’t always an easy journey, but they focused on their vision and made it happen. They were true to themselves and didn’t give up.

Magnet mode

When you’re in this mode, you easily attract invitations as there’s no internal resistance — you’re open and easy to be around. Have you noticed how easily things get created when you’re in the space of no judgment?

When you create an environment where people around you can express themselves without a filter and contribute, new ideas are born, creativity flourishes, and you’re all engaged in the possible impact of what the vision will create.

Here are a couple of suggestions to keep in mind when you’re feeling discouraged:



First, since you’re an early adopter, you see things differently, and to avoid getting sucked into the nay-sayers’ opinions, focus on staying in your zone.

Assess your needs by tapping into your passions and the activities that light you up and bring you joy and inner fulfillment. Tune into how you feel when you’re in the zone, as the vibe differs depending on the activity.

Tap into that feeling as needed by simply closing your eyes and taking a moment to connect to it in your mind.



Second, identify a team of early adopters from different areas in the company where you can brainstorm and expand on your ideas. You may also want to assess where the rest of the company may sit on this idea or project’s diffusion of innovation scale. Create a narrative that considers where the different people may fall and include that in your strategy.

If you’re working for yourself, reach out to someone you can discuss things with or find a coach. You can be an early adopter in one area and more conservative in others.



Poll a few nay-sayers to see what the resistance is about; there could be some valid gold to consider.

Trust your instincts and pursue the next steps. If you need your leadership team and/or stakeholders to get onboard first, get the necessary buy-ins and get moving! Remember, you can always make adjustments along the way if needed.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

—Joel A. Barker

What’s next for you? What yumminess is awaiting your “yes”? Is now the time to take a step toward what’s next for you? Go out there and create your miracles and become a magnet for success.

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