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by | Aug 21, 2022 | Business, General, Strengths

Personal and business growth have one common denominator — YOU! To create yummy vibes in both areas, it’s essential to pay attention to your mindset and take the actions needed to move forward. This can be easier said than done on some days.

Personal growth is not a one-time fix or for the faint of heart — it’s a lifelong journey with many twists, turns, and deep dives. It’s not for everyone; the journey to self-awareness and becoming more present is not always easy, yet oh so rewarding and fun.

The same goes for business growth. Many don’t think about how each person in a business impacts its success. A business goes through different stages of growth, too, just like the people in it. The curiosity and expansive energy of a startup, aka entrepreneurship, are not always nurtured or valued as the company grows, yet is so crucial for its survival.

Different stages of a business require different skill sets and an ability to adjust as it grows. Some people grow and adapt to the changes; others are asked to leave for various reasons.

Many of you are drawn to different stages and roles in a business, which is the beauty of a healthy and expanding business. A business is a living organism. What I mean by that is that the vibe changes as your team changes, and so does the business vibe.

Having a clear mission and vision that everyone on your team can understand and align with makes all the difference. Great leadership is key; with a great leader, a business can take off while your team happily engages in the process.

Feeling great at work = yummy vibes which contribute to the growth of individuals, teams, and businesses. Download Gallup’s latest report on the State of the Global Workforce for more facts about the importance of having a great company culture.

Here are some suggestions that I have found to be helpful to stay present to my yummy vibes:

Set targets beyond making a living. Ask yourself, “If you had plenty of money, what would you be doing, both on & off work?” Tap into the feeling of yummy vibes or whatever the words would be for you

Add creative projects or tasks to your day that you LOVE doing to nurture the parts of you that need attention. The energy you’ll get from this will help you get the rest in your pile done with more speed while having fun. What are your favorite creative things to do?

Take 5 minutes a day to ask yourself what action(s) you can take “today” to make this happen, and listen to your gut. The gut feelings we get are non-linear—trust them

Google images that represent how you feel when you’re living the life you have in mind and tap into that feeling daily

Yummy vibes attract good stuff. No matter what your timeline is, trust the process and stay present with each “now’ moment in addition to what your targets are. When you’re feeling awesome, more fun opportunities tend to come your way, so why not enjoy the experience?

Sleep is crucial—let that body of yours rest. If you’re stressed, listen to something that helps you relax, I love the sound of the ocean myself. Another action can be to place your legs in a 90-degree rest position by stacking pillows if you’re in bed or on a chair while lying on the floor — it helps the nervous system, muscles & body to relax and is great if you have lower back tension or pain.

Here’s a LINK to a more active version 90/90 supine position.

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