3 easy actions to boost your mojo

by | Aug 14, 2022 | Business, General, Strengths

When you’re in a global business, seasonal shifts that once existed now matter less except for select holidays. In addition, many now work from home in standby mode.

The most intense months of sales are about to kick in for many of you. The targets may be within reach, and there’s still the pressure to perform and hit your revenue targets.

Seasoned professionals know their hit rate, create a plan and break it down to daily bite-sized targets. Targets are not always about the numbers, even if it comes down to net profit in the end.

Having happy customers is number one for any business without it, you have no business. For some of you, reframing your targets from numbers to the perspective of how many people you want to reach and impact with your product or service can work better.

Different industries and products have different sales cycles requiring different skill sets and strategies. A one-time sale is very different than long-term repetitive sales.

One thing we all have in common when we’re overwhelmed is how much time we often spend fretting about things instead of getting into action. Whether the reason is politics or that you’re in the phase of assessing it’s easy to feel stuck.

Uncertainty often creates stress until you learn how to navigate around it. When you have a vision and target coupled with the mission and vision of your company, there’s guidance to turn to for direction even in uncertain times. When that is missing, and you’re in a position with little support, you eventually get sucked into that energy and lose your mojo if you don’t stop yourself.

With that in mind here are 3 simple actions you can take to boost your mojo:



It’s easy to question yourself when there’s a lot of output without an ROI. To avoid a downhill spiral it’s important to have someone to talk things through with. If you don’t have anyone— use the voice memo on your phone to vent and then listen to the recording. It’s amazing how often you have the solution to the problem that has you stuck. Listening to yourself present the issue(s) at hand also gets you into the habit of trusting your instincts.



Often the fix at the moment is counteractive to what we want to do. In other words, if you’re resisting a move, then making a move may be the best remedy to release stress.

Have you noticed how much you hold your breath when you’re overwhelmed or stressed? You may be so focused on the issue at hand that you forget everything around you including taking deep breaths.

Take a timeout, with deep breaths and a change of scenery, whether you walk outside for 5 minutes or go to another room in your home.

Change your workspace location for the day and see what that creates. Instead of sitting by your desk, move to the couch, dining, or kitchen table and see if that changes your perspective.

Exercise releases a lot of the accumulated stress of the day. It helps clear your mind and transition into a relaxed evening. For some of you, mornings are your preferred time for that.

Once you’ve released the frustration, pick one action that you can complete quickly. Something like a phone call, or email,  to get a win under your belt and your mojo ignited. Dig into the issues and ask yourself: “What needs to get completed today?” and “What can wait until tomorrow?”



Both mind chatter and stress are often signals from your natural talents. Whether you’re focusing all your energy on a few of your dominant talents, ignoring the rest, or not utilizing them at all, they are your ticket out of the drama.

Look at your dominant talents or natural path of success for guidance on how you influence people and which of your talents best support the change you seek.

Embracing your natural talents and developing them into strengths is a fun journey. Separating the different aspects of each talent often brings many new insights that will inspire and empower you. Go HERE for the services I offer and book a free call if it intrigues you.



When you feel great with focus on your targets and have a clear vision of how you will hit them, while aspirational, it’s the best guarantee you have.

You set targets to measure your success, and while money is part of it, your clients and how you feel are important. When you care about your clients and most people in sales love people, stay focused on what your product or service will create for your clients.

So, how are you and your product or service impacting your prospect or client’s business when they purchase from you? What need will it fulfill in them and for you in your life and business?

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